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The term of therapeutic architecture encompasses patient-oriented design in which  architectural approach has a healing effect. Today we are gonna talk about in what ways the therapeutic architectural style has an impact on patients.

Architects often seek-search to improve people's performance starting by design spaces and have to do a detailed analysis in social, psychological and physical environments. If the issue is risks in terms of health, a well-designed architecture, decoration and landscape design can reduce stress.

Individuals with a degree in medicine and architecture, or architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape designers, work for the physical and mental health of patients from sickroom to gardens.

Here are ways to apply therapeutic architecture:

First of all, the importance of stress should be stated by putting into consideration a noisy environment, visual pollution, disturbing medical odors, crowded and congested surroundings can have a negative impact on patients in which  environmental stress is tried to be reduced in various ways in therapeutic architecture.

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Instead, antichamber where the patients will be comfortable during waiting times, an artwork used in the environment can provide a soothing and peaceful effect. For example, staff rooms should be separated acoustically from the rooms where patients are staying, so that patients are not disturbed or their sleep quality is not affected as well as other negative consequences do not occur. Therefore, it is crucial that the rooms should be isolated from sound and insulation issues.

However, light has a vital importance for our lives. There is a proverb we all know; An apple a day keeps the doctor away while the same way natural light will do for the people with mental disorders.

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Indeed, natural daylight, which is utilized instead of an absolute dark environment, is a factor that positively affects the mood and even has an effect on hormone production. However, rather than a multi-walled building, buildings with windows that see the outside environment or where natural light enters should be preferred.

The use of appropriate color also reduces stress to a lower level. Some colors excite people and make them want to move while some give peace and rest. Hence, designers apply to  the power of colors.

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The patient rooms' view of nature and the opportunity to access greenery surroundings will have a positive outcome. Meditation and worship areas can be added into plan in order to bring the ambiance of feeling secure with full tranquility. A corridor that allows patients to walk, relaxing music played live, and a spacious environment in public spaces create positive influence.

On the other hand, patients or their families may somehow need a night light, reading lamp, or clear visual cues to do some activities in the room, or a storage space/closet for their belongings. So that the patient or their relatives should be guided by appropriate signs and their comfort should be ensured.

If we are talking about the architecture of future hospitals, the building and its design must include therapeutic architectural elements.

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However, starting from the project managers, architects, engineers and designers have an important task. The mood of the atmosphere can cause a positive change in the perception and mood of a person using the space. A garden design with beautiful panoramas and some views reduces the patient's stress level and calms them.

The choice of natural and ecological materials makes the environment more favorable if the building blending in harmony with or in nature.

Consequently, therapeutic architecture seems to have a significant impact on the healthcare facilities of the future.

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As professionals, we can contribute to your health with architectural designs that will minimize the damage to the physical and biological structure of the patient and benefit from the healing power of therapeutic architecture by constructing architectural structures, decoration and landscape elements suitable for their purpose, encouraging the use of stress-reducing elements.

As Algedra Interior Design, we are aware that every human-being working with us is valuable, so that we are at your side with our unique interior designs with conscious approaches that will protect the health of our customers and have a positive result on mental health.

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