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Planning to upgrade the look and artistic function of your house without spending too much cash? Here are 10 simple advise from ALGEDRA interior designers on how to change up the entire look and add value to your property.

1. Changing fabrics around the house alone can already give a new feeling and aura to your home. Gold for example is an upscale color associated with grandeur and prosperity. It’s usually seen in luxurious Victorian and French palaces. Gold color also combines well with all types of décor especially for classic and traditional ones.

Classy Fabric

2. Having side and center tables that complement the design of your sofa can highlight empty corners. Other make use of these side tables to put ceramic vases with flowers, glass artifacts or family pictures to create warm and intimate atmosphere.

3. A fireplace is another brilliant idea that adds a classy and upscale touch to your room. Depending on the theme you want to recreate, one may opt for traditional wood burning, electric burning or ethanol burning fireplaces.

4. Artistic statues, artifacts, glass cabinets with personal collections can also add dramatic effect to the corners, dining room and hallway of the house.

Bright Living Room

5. Paintings that take full mural space give splendor to the place and draw attention.

6. Your family living room is the game changer when it comes to house transformation. It’s the most frequent area you see every day. Experimenting on the colors of your chair or sofas and re-arranging angles can give a new and refreshing look of the house.

7. The use of table lamps in marble pattern or wooden-crafted designs and put them in the empty corners will restyle your place in a snap.

wooden-crafted designs

8. Chandeliers in their different shapes and sizes, will always provide elegance and luxury to the place, and you can adjust its illumination to achieve the atmosphere that you desire.

9. Wooden floor, marble tiles with artistic patterns or colored carpets with distinctive inscriptions are the key for the perfect look. Oftentimes, a nice rug and some handmade candles complement the sophistication and excellence of the place.

10. Green plants provide vitality and a sense of renewal, you can use large pots and place them in suitable corners. You may want to carefully select plants for interior in different size and according to where they will be places like in the places with direct sunlight or dark places like the bedrooms or dining room.

Decorating a house surely is a fun and fulfilling experience especially when you see the outcome exactly the same as the one you imagine. But through careful planning and right advice, you can don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to make a big splash. For more interior design ideas, check our designs gallery here.