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 Coffee is a drink someone cannot imagine starting their day without. So beloved for it stimulating effect on humans brewed beverage to wake up in the morning, to keep going through the day, or to enjoy it after meal as Italians do.

The coffee drinking and coffeehouses originally populated from Arabian Peninsula, where after spread through Persia and Egypt, eventually in 16th century brought to Ottoman Empire and later on to Europe.

The first coffeehouse in Istanbul was opened in 1555 at kingship of Suleiman the Magnificent by two merchants from Damascus, since then the culture of drinking coffee and coffee shops around the world has evolved drastically.

In fact Turkish coffee culture and tradition in 2013 was inscribed into the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO (, with all it symbolism of hospitality, friendship and entertainment.

While preserving tradition of being social spot where people meet to converse, share news and read books, with the evolved culture nowadays coffee shops became more sophisticated and inviting with their unique interior designs.

Apart 29324 Starbucks all over the world and their distinctive interior and most luxurious recently opened in Milan, there are a lot of boutique coffeehouses with their exclusive interior designs in various styles from super cozy Art Deco to quirky Industrial.

  1. Undoubtedly one of the most popular interior designs within coffee shops lately is Industrial interior style.

It rustic urbanistic look with copper and brass elements became very hype with their laidback atmosphere in big cities like New York, London and Hong Kong, mostly dictated by locations of coffee shops and spread all over.

Materials like copper and brass have the ability to change over time- making the space alive and organic- made it a choice of preference when designing urbanistic coffee shops.

  1. Eclectic coffee shop interior

The eclectic style interior is another close by popularity in coffee house, corresponding to modern design trends with natural materials and unusual decorative details.


Bright and spacious, wooden furniture, comfortable armchairs, live plants that creates pleasant atmosphere blending with aroma of coffee – so liked by millennials.


  1. Minimalism in coffee shop interior:

In minimalistic design of the coffee shop the simplest finishing materials are used, as close as possible to natural: natural brick and wood panels, white walls and ceilings together with concrete flooring.

  1. Coffee house in Boho chic style

Characterized by colorfulness, eclecticism, a large number of textiles and hand-made objects. The Boho Chic style is seen a lot in Parisian coffee shops and all over the Europe, perhaps for it romanticism.


Those are the most popular interior design styles of coffee shops, however there are many more to be seen such as futuristic and ultra-modern, eco or still used classic and English designs.

We see minimalistic design often used in small coffee shops to grab a coffee on the go. More unique interior designs and interior decorations are chosen in coffee house with intention to create a social place considered more as a lounge, where people gather to spend more time for intimate conversations in buzzling atmospheric surrounding.

Coffee shop is a place where coffee lovers can observe the roasting of the grains and how barista brews your coffee, however what can be more pleasant than enjoying a cup in comfort of your home.

Coffee table with its functional necessity may happen to be the center point decorative element in your living room or majlis.

A modern design created in the 1930s- the Parsons table (square form table) still appearing a lot in classic style, however new forms and more eclectic brave designs are taking over. Like currently so popular contemporary style design with metal bases and glass or luxurious marble tops.

In case you not a big fan of coffee you may still love coffee inspired monochromatic design, with all it hues of brown. From café latte, cappuccino to the darkest black coffee – all those earthy brown colors create cozy warm atmosphere in the house and may be used in any design style and different areas.

A rich palette of brown colors allows to improve any space.

Brown color in psychology associated with solidity, security and safety evoking sense of reliability and strength.

Interior in shades of brown is usually chosen by self-sufficient individuals.

Being color of conservatism finds much use in classic interior design. However as a good background for various decors, accessories and colors makes it irreplaceable in modern interiors with it ability to emphasize any style of design.

When mixed with gold in interior, cozy and peaceful brown will add to the room luxury, courage and sophistication.

How do you like your coffee and it shades in interior?