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The villa’s exterior design is the gateway to the entire place, it delivers a message about the owner’s unique personality, thus here at ALGEDRA we understand the importance of this phase and we help our dear customer to dive inside looking for the perfect design that suits their individuality.

Starting with the classic style of exterior design, Size is a real deal breaker for this style, since it depends on columns, art gallery, and motifs to decorate the surroundings. There might be few exceptional designs using light decorative motifs but you get the general idea, the bigger the size, the majestic it gets.

Symmetry is another main affect dominating the classic era, so the exterior design for the elevation basically starts with the main door in the middle of the mass, then design will be built equally on both sides regarding the unique taste you desire.

Now we dive into the good stuff! to extract your greatest desire, the expert engineers at ALGEDRA would have a meeting with you demonstrating fully covered images for exterior designs regarding eras of classic style progression.

You could easily pick your favorite or even pieces of what you liked from different photos and with our creativity we will construct a brand new classic view for your villa and the decorative carvings perfectly suited for it.


 Colors must come in neutral tones to express the feeling of greatness and elegance, it can be easily picked up alongside the perfect rich materials for your exterior design. Marbles and limestones are well known for being used in classic exteriors.