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 Whenever you hear the word classic garden or classic landscape an image of the English or the French royal gardens would pop in your head as a representative of the word. Life of luxury and high quality will walk around those idles, there is no mistake! So if you are a fan of the classic era to design your villa, then you might as well complement it with a classic style of landscape.

Symmetry is a main factor in classic landscaping as the whole garden should look like a mirrored painting work of art, straight out from fairytales it fascinates the eyes and enriches the soul with the well-care-taken details.

Classic style in landscaping features art work of sculptures and gazebos made of fine marble, it gives the landscape an epic and dramatic look well-suited for classic life style fans.

The classic landscape must include trees as well as bushes, all planned and designed in a very accurate measure to amplify the ouch of classic era.

The silver line here is that your landscape should express luxurious and royal life with elegance in taste, and we at ALGEDRA are experts on creating such an exquisite atmosphere for you and your family.