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Contemporary equals trendy, it reflects the desires and needs of nowadays people as a majority creating an elastic flow of a trend. Elegant, appealing and rich are descriptions to this style and it goes very handsome for the exterior design of a villa.

Clean sharp lines might be a definer of the contemporary style of exterior design, Size can define the way to go with this style, since it is all about trendy stuff so there are infinite possibilities of choices to go with depending on the available size to get the best suited exterior design for your villa.

 Most exterior detailing is free from heavy ornamentation of historic classical buildings. Rooflines are distinct – cantilever or large overhangs, and unique features such as seemingly flat rooflines as well as materials of the exterior usually blend harmoniously with nature around your home in contemporary styles.


Using creative window design in your home can add instant contemporary appeal combined with the outlines of the exterior design amongst many other intellectual ideas you might find interesting at ALGEDRA.

But how to differ the feeling of contemporary from modern?! You can break it down to an easy rule, Contemporary started with where Modern style has reached the limits and went on from there to be flexible and open to all creative ideas, changing through phases according to the trend. Here at ALGEDRA, we understand that concept fully and we can help you get the best contemporary design for your villa based upon your favoring table of the trendy styles up-to-date.