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If you are an easy-going smooth type kind of a person, then Modern style of exterior design is your thing!  Here at ALGEDRA we understand the characteristics of client’s needs and desires so that we can help to art-draw the inside out before his eyes.

Starting with the basics of the modern style of exterior design, Size is not a great deal breaker for this style, since it somehow depends on the minimalist concept for richness in space, and instead of carvings and motifs, lines and simple patterns are used to decorate the surroundings. It is mainly weighting on the artistic way of the designing concept rather than the additional finishing touches.

Symmetry is no longer an affective factor, in fact, it is never used in modern style emphasizing the matter of uniqueness of art. so the exterior design for the elevation focuses on masses and divisions plan and design for functionality and exceptional look.

In Modern style, you could blast the box with creative ideas, you could also get the counseling services from professionals, Here at ALGEDRA we can provide spectacular ideas for you to easily pick up your favorite.

Colors are a main theme in the modern exterior design, you are more than welcome to use your imagination and create the colorful look you desire for your exterior, it can be easily merged with the natural material you will use like wood and stones, it would look alive with the surrounding green landscape.