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Modern style landscape design is like spontaneous art with massive amount of creativity spreading all over the space around your home, it is the sanctuary of your own special taste that would help you relax and get comfort after a tiring day at work.

Modern style’s special feature is that it doesn’t seem to have rules of restriction to make everything perfectly in place even though it does.


It may look random with the details in designing but modern style has its own rules which can be driven from your passion and taste in life

It features woodwork, glass, and artistic method in gardening. Flowers and bushes should be used in a spontaneous way around the trails and sidewalks.

In modern style, Gazebos became exterior seating area for nice evenings and wonderful family gatherings, fountains and water panels are an excellent feature in the modern style of landscaping.

The silver line here is that your landscape should express relaxation and comfortable life with artistic way in taste, and we at ALGEDRA are experts on creating such an exquisite oasis for you and your family.