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Kitchen is an area in the house where even not cooking person ends up spending time in.

Therefore kitchen color design is something to choose wisely.

Smartly designed kitchen is very cozy and highly functional, which might even make you want to cook.

Huge impact will have a color choice. So how to choose color for your kitchen?

Your kitchen color scheme choice will depend on a few factors:

Kitchen layout

Kitchen design style

Kitchen size

First depending on the kitchen layout if it is an open plan kitchen or separate area.

Open plan kitchen

Open plan kitchen color should be chosen to be in harmony with the rest of the space. That doesn’t mean it needs to be in the same color. You might want to continue in the same color, or in opposite- zone out the kitchen space with different color, however followed the color theory it should be matching and interior design style will be same as area to which kitchen is attached.

Close plan kitchen

Close plan kitchen color doesn’t need to complement the rest of the villa and can be in absolutely different interior style and color.

Kitchen size

Kitchen color choice also will be influenced by its size. Spacious kitchen can be in darker colors and it will not feel depressing. Whether small size kitchen would feel claustrophobic and it would be better to choose brighter colors to make it feel more spacious.

When choosing kitchen color need to consider certain parts of it.

Kitchen cabinets, Kitchen countertops, Kitchen walls

Kitchen cabinets- taking bigger part of kitchen and often being focal point of the kitchen should be the first part of the kitchen to choose color for.

Can kitchen cabinets be same color as walls?

Yes they can if you going for monochromatic design, however you might get tired from too much of the same color. It would be better to use various undertones of the same color.

Kitchen color walls not necessarily should be monotonic. Depending on interior style ornaments on the walls can be incorporated.

Countertops best is to keep neutral colors, not only because cutting colorful vegetables will look great on it, but also because neutral colors do not bother the eyes if look at them longer time and countertops of the kitchen are exactly long eye contact items when doing something in the kitchen. Also because of best materials to use for countertops such as granite, marble, quartz, concrete and stainless steel for their longevity (most of them come in neutral colors), you would be able easily refresh interior by changing color of other items without touching countertops.

When choosing color for modern kitchen design main accent goes rather on materials and finishes that enhance your chosen color, either you choose cold spectrum of colors that suppress the appetite or warmer color spectrum that makes you stay and enjoy time cooking and eating.

Choosing the color is a subjective thing that depends on personality and same colors can affect different people in a different way.

Follow those general recommendations while choosing color for your home dream kitchen that would make even Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver jealous.