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It is the art of altering your landscape (front or backyard) and turn it from a blank space into a personal Haven.

 Landscaping is a decorative way you can explore and implement glimpse of imagination showing its potentials for design elements, such as installing retaining walls, pathways, building small structures such as pergolas, gazebos, patios, installing water features, pools and other features within an area.

 The purpose of landscaping is to increase the attractiveness, functionality and value of your outdoor space and project your fantasies onto reality. Landscaping may also include aspects of gardening, such as installing new garden beds, planting trees, plants and flowers.


Garden design

it is the method of designing and planting a new garden in the landscape you have.

Similar to landscaping, gardening involves design, planning and maintenance, but gardening generally only involves the plant life in a space through growing and caring for them whether in pots or in the ground.

 Gardening is somehow subcategorized in the landscaping interior design; Thus, gardeners will often work with a landscape design team to incorporate the garden and plant life for the overall design plan.