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One of the latest ALGEDRA executed turnkey projects - beautiful villa in Al Khawaneej area is a result of 220 hours project design by three talented interior designers and dedicated Fitout team.

Al Khawaneej being mostly deserted area in between Dubai and Sharjah chosen by Emiratis for convenience of proximity to city and at the same time as a great getaway from Dubai city rush.

While most of the villas in Al Khawaneej area carried out in traditional Arabic style this luxury villa stands out with unique combination of contemporary theme and modern style reflecting the refined taste and personality of its owner.

Collaboration of designer team and close communication with a client on his desired results of dream home through the project design stage and implementation lead to creative solutions.

Starting from the space planning and layout, where designers used various geometric shapes in villa layout and on the walls with help of mirrors visually expanding the area and make it look seemingly endless.

Here we see perfect example on how to mix two different interior styles where main theme was contemporary, which focuses on showcasing spaces and shapes and adding crispiness of modern style in furniture.

Customized furniture in modern style made exclusively for this project makes this luxury villa design one of a kind.

Areas of the villa connected seamlessly with each other and at the same time due to different geometric shaping defines each area vividly.

Such details as column and curved lines of decorative separations from marble emphasizes luxury design and originality.

Round shaped living room sitting area features leveled ceiling circle with octagon form in the middle what creates multidimensional feel.

Special attention is brought to the details of mirrored metallic finish leveled ceiling by adding geometric ornaments.

As a theme of contemporary interior style chosen warm earthy colors palette complimented by more solid dark accents in furniture and golden toned curtains creates sophisticated look.

Instead of using traditional wall scones lights designers used asymmetrical wall lighting with metallic fixtures in between the curtains for illusion of light coming from behind. This ambiance light also plays functional role when not using main light for cozier atmosphere.

Within a limited time frame of four month and full interior scope of work, with precise project management planning and without compromising on a quality, Algedra delivered this modern luxury villa in Al Khawaneej area within a deadline to its happy owner.