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Majlis is a very important part in every house, it is where you host your guest thus it must reflect luxury, elegance and good hospitality, preferably in a contemporary style to surprise everyone, the following are some ideas to get a contemporary Majlis from ALGEDRA.

 Contemporary Majlis is characterized with simplicity, elegance and practicality. There aren’t many decorations and patterns, for example, you can use a carpet of long lint and a small central coffee table, to add vitality to the Majlis make sure to place some flowers and plants, use one color and its different gradients for further luxury and simplicity.

You can use two opposite colors dark and light, for example, two opposite sofas and a wooden coffee table in the middle, to provide warmth in your rustic Majlis use fireplaces decorate it with a stone wall to give the room an elegant rustic character.

wooden coffee table decor in Majlis

To get a sleek modern Majlis, you can use black and white for the walls in stripes to give it a glimpse of the modern elegance, or the use of luxury pastel colors like light beige. For a bold move use, cheerful colors such as red, pink and green, all of these ideas will give your Majlis a contemporary look according to the furniture, both modern couches, or even with old-fashioned furniture with some modern accessories.

You can use metal in the interior decor of the Majlis, for example, the fireplace does not have to be of stone or brick, it can be of metal, it will give the Majlis a daring elegant and modern appearance, especially when you put a different Sofa to the traditional ones and a glass coffee table in the middle with tractor doors and unusual ceiling decorations, your Majlis will look fantastic.

traditional & ceiling decor for Majlis

For reading fans you can allocate a portion of the walls of the Majlis to become like a library, so that the Majlis becomes as a club for readers to meet and discuss a book, this Majlis is elegant and very simple.

To enjoy nature, you can move the Majlis to the terrace, and thus it will be more fun and joy, sitting by the pool in the garden and sip something refreshing hot or cold, gives a great opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.