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The Interior Design has a philosophy that can disclose the personality and contribute in treating it by withdrawing the negative energy caused by life pressures. Studies have shown that the human looks for a new and a better lifestyle through decor. The new technologies and modern ideas have caused many major and minor changes that affected the interior design and the general preferences of the people too.

Either you knew it or not, there is a special detailed favorite style of interior design for each person just like clothes, a favorite color or fabric or style. Even in models, there are a few ones that a person prefers for no specific reason, for example, the classic, modern or rural.

Nowadays there are many distinctive styles that are preferred by everyone and are very famous. Because they require less furniture which is very suitable for small houses. Here are the following three models:

Contemporary model design

 1. Contemporary model:

It includes clean lines and geometric forms with little decoration. It emphasizes the importance of internal space, less furniture, upholstered in a solid way equilibrate with woven fabrics and neutral colors.

 2. Modern model:

This model came into light through the Bauhaus which is an architecture school in Germany. One of the most famous ideas of this school is that shape determines the functionality. This model has a clean and simple lines which are the characteristic that distinguishes it from the other models, neutral colors black and white, and little simple accessories.

 3. The simplistic:

This model relies on natural light to illuminate the spaces. Cool colors like white and blue are what distinguish it. Illumination is the most important factor as it focuses on it along with using minimum furniture, for example, important cabinets will be hidden in walls and hiding many other furniture pieces.

In the future, interior design experts predict that it will turn toward the transitional design, which combines between the traditional and the contemporary. It will focus on inserting metal in the designs and using technologies that will transform the house into a healthy house with the help of air purifiers and the elimination of pollution. 

simplistic modern design

Experts call it the fantastic 8, which are 8 factors that the future interior design will consist of:

    i. To a healthier home:

This trend is the latest and most important in the house internal and even external design. Healthy houses are of great importance in changing people's lives for the better and improving their environments, whether in the finishes or in using treated wood or installing air purifiers, the toilet will work without touch and many other technologies that will make life at home easier and healthier.

    ii. Increase comfort at home:

Some methods of comfort won’t change in interior design; rather develop with the technology, for example, floor heating and heating shelves to dry towels, and many other examples.

comfortable interior design

    iii. Saving energy:

Sustainability is the most important trend in the rise of architecture and interior decoration. Energy saving homes are increasing due to the global warming and Low fuel reserves in the world. Thus, houses will rely on renewable energy such as solar energy, the wind, dynamic energy and many others. And recycling many resources that are recyclable such as paper and wood.

    iv.  Colors:

Experts don’t want to choose a specific color to be the color of the future. But if you want to know the color of the season or the color of the year, visit the stores that sell towels, bed sheets, and covers. You will find out the color of the year easier than going to a paint store.

In the end, it is safe to say that technology will most likely dominate the interior design in the future by controlling many things such as illumination and other factors. It has intervened heavily in the interior design of some homes these days but it will spread and increase over the years to enter all the houses.