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Creating and delivering a superior spa experience for guests begins with a superior design, and what better design there is than using natural colors, simple furniture and minimal design with a brilliant concept?

The satisfaction of the guests should be the first priority and put into consideration while preparing the interior design for the SPA, a mashed-well environment should be surrounding them while they proceed through the different aspects of SPA treatments. However, this can be well-maintained by adapting the minimalist style with hints of natural materials and concepts in the design, lighting should be mainly focused on natural source with an open wide area to feel relaxed and calm.


A natural herby scent should be fragrancing through the inner hall air, to participate with the natural light in creating the zing and refreshing required atmosphere. A small waterfall brings a relaxing sound to your spa. You can choose the instruments for a soft music such as the sounds of nature and the ocean. The sound of the flute, harp and violin helps soothe the soul.


Studying the philosphy of ancient Japan’s traditional interior design would help better understand the energy flow of the space, the Japanese understood the significant of natural energy and how it affects the quality of people’s lives.


As it is important to draw experience from the past, it is yet crucial to fashion up new concepts drawn from the modern life aspects. A sense of modernism and luxury is a major contributing factor to the positive atmosphere of the area which when combined with the minimalist substyle features, it will magnify the effect.


The planning of the design should be smartly well made, guess should feel easy to move around and get to their destinations without too much interruption in the way. For example, a gym is not placed next to treatment rooms. It is important to consider the operational aspects of the spa, such as personnel and storage areas. Employees will need easy and quick access to products and equipment.