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Personal dwellings were converted into depressingly nostalgic holding facilities as a result of the pandemic, and people around the world adopted an escapism-oriented lifestyle. 

The popularity of a trend in interior design that made people feel safe and comfortable in their homes, which were surrounded by open spaces and babbling brooks, increased. It was organically inspired by picket fences, healthy foods, botanical prints, bed linens, and the scent of freshly made bread in the air.

If you're looking for the newest interior design craze, go no further than cottagecore! You have undoubtedly seen this popular aesthetic on Instagram and TikTok as more and more people seek coziness in their homes, sustainability in their lifestyles, and a connection to nature. How may cottagecore be used in a home and what does it exactly mean? You can learn more about cottagecore living and design trends in our guide below.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Cottagecore

The cottagecore lifestyle and home design trend place a strong emphasis on simplicity, comfort, independence, and personal freedom. This romantic, nature-inspired design trend promotes stylish interiors with rustic touches and all you need to live a happy and prosperous life.

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What Is the Origin of Cottagecore?

European nobility's desire for a simpler life in the country gave rise to cottagecore. Internet aesthetic culture is the main reason behind cottagecore's current appeal. Social influences have an impact on a lot of cottagecore design components. Both cottagecore and the pre-industrial homes that served as the inspiration for the style frequently feature floral designs, natural materials, and indoor plants. In actuality, a mention of country cottages is where the word "cottagecore" originates. Simply put, the cottagecore trend grew out of a desire for self-sustenance and a desire to simplify one's life.

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The Cottagecore Lifestyle: What Is It?

The independence and minimalism that define the cottagecore way of life. This way of life suggests opting to make things yourself wherever possible rather than buying mass-produced items. This doesn't mean that you have to make all of your own clothes and just consume food that you've grown yourself. If you have enough space in your yard, you could just create a full garden in your kitchen or hang some dried flowers as handmade décor. The key is to live sustainably and in as close proximity to nature as you can. The cottagecore way of life should evoke feelings of happiness, serenity, and whimsy.

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What Is the Appearance of a Cottagecore Home?

A cottagecore home should be a tranquil, functional area with plenty of natural light. Homes decorated in this way usually feature potted plants, rustic wooden furniture, vintage decor, and other nostalgic touches in addition to signs of a self-sufficient existence, such as dried herbs in the kitchen or a wicker forage basket hanging on the porch. Although the cottagecore aesthetic promotes a simpler way of life, it does not share minimalism's emphasis on negative space and clean lines. Cottagecore actually sees some disarray as a sign of vitality. Items like yarn skeins kept in a basket by a rocking rocker, ingredient jars left out on the kitchen counter, or a stack of books on the nightstand are all welcome in a cottagecore house.

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Ideas For Cottagecore Interior Design Style

It's a fresh twist on rustic design that emphasizes a slower, more traditional way of living focused more on the house. It's as much a way of life as it is an interior design style. It really took off during the lockdown when people craved comfort and meaning, so the look combines soft colors, natural textures, and eclectic items that have or appear to have been collected and curated over generations. Are you ready to slow down? Then consider these idyllic cottagecore ideas.

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1- Begin with antiques.

Cottagecore's mix-and-match style can give the impression that a space has been painstakingly nurtured over time using priceless findings. Look around at antique markets, vintage shops, and even internet marketplaces for well-used, cozy furniture. Then, for more texture, outfit them with plush blankets and lovely pillows.

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2- Decorate the kitchen sink with fabric.

If you are fortunate enough to have historical components in your home, bring out their authenticity by accessorizing with rustic pieces. This subdued linen with ruffled edges and faded cabbage rose designs looks old and natural.

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3- Enjoy simple pleasures.

The cottagecore aesthetic celebrates a straightforward way of life by going back to the fundamentals. Look for practical and handy equipment made of natural materials while accessorizing the kitchen. Use glass containers for storage, and place terracotta pots for wooden implements.

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4- Well-organized furniture

This rustic aesthetic gives spaces a basic, rural feel by adding rustic flair. Place an attractive sofa in the middle of the space, facing the windows and light, to foster a feeling of connection. Then, for a warm atmosphere, include a rug, many cushions, and a footstool in shabby chic style.

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