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Islamic architecture and Islamic decoration have a common history where assimilation of ideas, skills and technology from other cultures played a significant role in modeling the shapes and styles characteristic of these forms of art.

Islamic interior architecture and modern Islamic interior were nurtured under such a process. ALGEDRA managed to use the latest design tools and fabrication to create new examples for Islamic architectural design and the execution of Islamic decoration in modern architecture named as modern Islamic architecture building.


Our design morality is based on the understanding that individuals, as well as communities, can only be truly fulfilled when their needs are met with their existence; the practical, the social, the cultural and most of all the inspirational or spiritual. For amazing Islamic interior design ideas, we have posted the pictures along.


An Islamic Interior design needs to simple, yet beautiful. Simplicity is beautiful and as architects we know that it is easy to have an eclectic design solution just to meet the needs. Simplicity comes with discipline and refinement hence it is not easy and is something that we work in order to get mastered in it.