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Here we travel to the far east to where once a great empire had manifested on the land of the rising Sun in the late years of the 16th century, and attend the ancient dance of shadow and light that was inspired by the Zen philosophy to become their way of life.

You can feel it in the very core of their houses, designed to allow the energy stream of nature flow through the place hymning the symphony of the old dance.

Walk around the living room and witness the absent of non-essential internal walls to provide more space and openness to the residence and lets more light to pass through.

As clear as daylight, you will meet the simplicity and beauty in the furniture designs that uses the negative space beneath them to make way for energy and light to play their mysterious games.

beautiful bedroom furniture designs

Turn your eyes all over the place and see how gorgeously designed, using basic elements of wood, glass and metal.

Wood can be inset in walls and ceiling, giving the simplicity appearance of the house interiors defining the Japanese style.

While glass can be doing the dragon dance swirling around the place as railing to help bring the wide space feeling with the help of the sun light reflections.

white glass and metal Japanese Style

You may sit down wherever you feel like as we gradually fade away to the outside leaving you to explore this fortress of solitude and let the natural energy flow take over you, invoking the spiritual state of peace and calm you need.

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