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For centuries landscape design and architecture all over the world were an attribute of the luxury palaces, as royalty used to spend their time in gardens having tea or strolling for a walk watching blooming flowers.

Having beautiful landscape design is still a thing of prestige and wealth, as well, the necessity for peaceful living surrounded by the aesthetics of nature and even can be beneficial for your house itself.

When your villa plot includes an area for the yard, it is a good idea to spend some time smartly planning your landscape design.

Algedra shares some ideas and important things to consider for designing your outdoor area.

Landscape is not an ordinary gardening - it is an art of arranging into harmonious composition 6 elements:

  • Landform
  • Water
  • Climate
  • Vegetation
  • Horizontal structures
  • Vertical structures


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Where to start and how to plan your landscape

Depending on the size of your villa outdoor plot you may explore various ideas.

If you start building your house from an empty land plot it is better to plan your landscape design and architecture at the same time, taking into consideration all six elements.

Start with setting the goals.

Consider the use of the outdoor area – do you want it to be a relaxing pull area, playground for kids, barbeque with friends, only open grass area, or maybe Zen space Japanese style garden. Maybe you want to combine all in one? It is possible to achieve with the expertise of the designer, who will help to plan your landscape.

Here are some ideas for you to explore

Depending on the area of your house, you might want to consider landscape design for privacy. Surrounded by the green wall your house will be hidden from the strangers' eyes.

Landscape design with plants covering the boundary wall will make your villa territory look more private and cozier from inside.

Front yard landscape design is the first thing anyone sees before the entrance to the house and is as much important as your house exterior. Therefore, important to style the outdoor to suit the house architectural style. The pathway to the entrance must be clear and can be designed uniquely.

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Adding some water features here will elevate the look.

Landscape design with palm trees is very popular in Dubai and the Middle East considering the climate. And indeed, a palm tree is a staple of every luxury villa. But there is much more to add.

It is a great idea to add lounge area outside in your garden. Outdoor sitting in pergola will let you enjoy fresh air on a hot day in the shade.

If your landscape doesn’t include pool, as alternative you may add small fountains.

To maintain the beauty of the greenery its best to make pathways through your yard and garden, which can be designed in a particular way with various cladding. (see more for pathway ideas)

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Why Landscape Design is important and why you should invest your time in designing it?

Landscape design for houses is important for many reasons. Not only can it prevent your house from erosion, but also can make a beneficial impact on the microclimate around.

Apart from making your house look nice from the outside, also adds value to your property.

With some creativity from the designer, you will be able to create an exclusive oasis around your home, which will improve your living and please the eye every time you see it.

Take it to another level with some inspiration from world-famous gardens with their fascinating landscape design and architecture.

Classic of French Aristocratic Versailles Palace Gardens.

Full of inspiration for the modern palace or classic style villa landscape.

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Creativity of Magical Jardins D’Etrat

Great example of using art pieces in your garden.

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Ornaments of Baroque Castle Denmark

Ornamental grasses for top notch spacious outdoor area.

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Colors harmony Drummond Castle in Scotland

Add color with variety of plants and flowers for vibrant

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Serenity of Zen Garden Himeji Castle in Hyogo Japan

Minimalism of Japanese gardens bringing peacefulness.

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