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Algedra constantly adheres to the highest standards while designing home exteriors. This assures that your property will be beautiful both inside and out. We make it simple for you to improve the first impression that guests get of your home by offering a wide range of exterior design alternatives.

Consult this overview of our high-quality doors, windows, and other components to choose an architectural style that appeals to you.

1- Villa exterior design 

The use of a variety of textures helps to create an atmosphere that is more contemporary. The quality of the house is substantially improved by its front facade, which consists of a single color and several textures combined with large glass windows.

exterior design

2- Beautiful residential architectural design

Wide windows are a distinguishing feature of the sophisticated homes of today. Both the interior and outside of the house are given a sheen and an air of sophistication by the reflective qualities of the windows. Windows that reach the ceiling at any level are a striking and modern addition.

residential architectural design

3- Exterior lighting details in modern architectural home design

You may make your home look more up-to-date without making any major changes to the outside by focusing on the lighting and furniture instead. Make the exterior more beautiful by replacing the single step with multiple steps and filling up the extra space with decorative elements.

villa exterior design

4- The gates in villa exterior design and boundary walls

The gate is one component that can be replaced on a regular basis without causing a significant dent in the budget. The worth of your home can be increased by installing a single additional metal door at the conclusion of your entrance.

architectural design for villas

5- Creating a great exterior design

A seemingly insignificant addition of a texture or color that harmonizes with the rest of the exterior of your home may make all the difference.

beautiful exterior design

6- White paradise - elegant villa design

The exterior design of your home includes the dimensions and shape of the structure, as well as how it looks in relation to the neighborhood and the rest of the city. While the aesthetics of your home are ultimately up to you, it makes good sense to design or renovate your space so that it complements its natural setting.

elegant villa design

7-  A modern haven - glamorous villa exterior

Everything about a building or other structure that can be seen from the outside is considered part of its "exterior characteristics," including the building's material, windows, doors, lights, and any signs or other decorations.

glamorous villa exterior

8- Magnificent exterior design

The beauty and curb appeal of a home's exterior design are both enhanced by features such as excellent exterior color choices, outdoor lighting, architectural aspects, gorgeous fences, and flowerbeds, among other things.

magnificent exterior design

Our company specializes in the provision of first-rate exterior design solutions. Our professional squad out on the pitch is backed up by an experienced management team that pays attention to the smallest of details. We give our clients the assurance that the job will be completed on time and within their budget, and we also make it a point to ensure that the work location is safe.

Algedra is the best exterior design company in the UAE, Turkey and all over the world. 

We have put in a lot of effort to obtain the excellent reputation that we have inside the sector.

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