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Kids’ bedroom lighting is very important. It plays a huge role in kid’s bedrooms decoration since it’s important for their safety and health. Hence, ALGEDRA’s experts advise choosing lighting that fits with the kids’ taste and guarantees good lighting for the day and night and effects positively on the kids mood and his studies.

The lighting design in kids’ bedroom requires constant care and attention to the child’s needs that are suitable for his age. With the lighting choice, you have to combine the feelings and fun. The lighting determines the success or failure of the design. You can add a special touch to the child’s bedroom by using lamps with a variety of designs. This will help the child enjoy his time in the bedroom and keep him occupied. This also supports his imagination and improves it. The following are ALGEDRA’s expert tips for you to find the best and most suitable type of lighting for your kid:

 Kids’ bedroom lighting

1. Lighting is the key factor for a room to have a special effect or pattern. Lighting distribution and the shapes of the lamps and table lamps all play a role in giving that special effect, so you can easily add a special touch to the child’s bedroom through lamps and table lamps that will make the room closer to the child.

2. Controlling the lighting level, the lighting must be dim when the child wants to sleep and if the option of controlling the lighting level isn’t available, add a small night lamp.

3. Chandeliers add elegance to kids’ bedrooms. Add a chandelier that is suitable for the general look of the room.

4. Keep the room safe. Make sure that all the lights and lamps that work on electricity are away from kids reach and play area.

5. Use a special style for lighting. Through lighting, you can make the kids room more fun. In malls and markets, there are many lamps and lights designed with cartoon characters or animals that you can use around the kids bedroom. Also, do not forget the delightful colors that add vitality to the room such as red, green, yellow, pink and flower patterned lamps.

special style for lighting for Kids Rooms

6. Night lamps come in many shapes and colors. You can use spotlights distributed around the room for a soft and dim lighting or use one type such as a table lamp.

7. Lamps that are in the shape of aircraft or space related are ideal for kids’ rooms. As for kids who love sports such as football, you can find many lighting idea or lamps that come in the shape of a football or related to sports.