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This interior design is one of the most elegant and luxurious designs in the world even though it’s rarely found outside of the country, it is well known and desired amongst the highest-class people all over the globe.

The Russian nobles seek Quality so they spend lots of money on the most expensive materials and furniture items they could find at the time, and even though the sight of its distinctive decoration draws you close to the coldest spot in the world up north but the feeling you get inside is so warm and cozy.

Regarding the essential quality environment this style goes for, luxurious colors like beige and gold, burgundy red, warm browns and silver are the best options ever. You can play around with burgundy red textiles around the room and gold or silver details on the furniture and carpets, in order to create a fully traditional Russian interior design.

Since this design brings to mind the tremendous meters of snow in the outside then furniture must be in warm colors to spread warmth and coziness inside, browns are mostly used from light to dark hues. Wooden furniture can’t miss from the traditional Russian interior design, although you can use some metallic items here and there.

Decorations are an essential part if you want to recreate the traditional Russian interior design in your own home. Since the style is meant to express abundance and luxury, you need to use lots of decorations. Drapes, curtains, rugs and other things like cushions, for instance. Also, it is usual to place a chandelier in the room, as opulent as possible. Crystals can be a very good starting point for a harmonious decor style all throughout the room and it allows you to use similar decorations, such as vases or mirrors.