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In every luxurious home, there are some products and accessories that are very necessary. They provide a very elegant and luxurious look and they do really affect the appearance of the home. Here are some of the luxury products of the month chosen by ALGEDRA Interior Design:


classic Carpet

It is a decoration piece to cover, beautify and keep the floors warm. Carpets come in many types and forms. In the past, they were famous for their high-quality material and accurate manufacturing. The best type is the Isfahan Carpet which is a famous Iranian carpet that is known for its distinctive designs and colors. Tabriz Carpet (Turkish) featuring the finest wool is used in manufacturing, followed by Qom Iranian carpets that gained fame because of its overwhelmingly attractive designs and harmonious colors and good weaving.

There are many other types that will instantly transform the appearance of the home by adding an expensive luxurious carpet at the entrance or the living room.

 Candles and candle holders:

Candles and candle holders

Candles light up the dark and make your house smell like a heaven especially sweet perfumed types. They help you to relax. If you do a good selection of candles and their holders they turn into small pieces that radiate an atmosphere of warmth and beauty and luxury, whether gold, silver, and wood and others.



A small vase of crystal or porcelain adds to the void an atmosphere of elegance and luxury. The shape and type are different according to the void the vase is occupying. For example; use a floor vase with classic décor. It can be used in intra-spaces to give a lovely touch. You can add some flowers in it and put it on the dining table or in the living room so it is the focal point of attracting attention.

 Artistic artifacts:

Artistic artifact

They are important because they add beauty and brilliance to the void and give some sort of privacy to the angles, originality and highlight the distinctive taste of the House owners. It’s better to use the glass artifacts, ceramic, stone and organize them with balance and care by touch and color. A small piece of advice is to avoid using too many artifacts. One or two is more than enough to fill the room and make it radiate beauty and elegance.

 Jeramavun device:

Jeramavun device

The Jeramavun is one of the most famous symbols that indicate the first period of the nineteenth century. The antique piece breaks the sharpness of the modern furniture, hence adding an unpredictable decor piece like the Jermavun either in its famous copper color or a re-painted with a pop color piece like the turquoise color is the best idea. It should fit with the furniture and walls. You can search for Jeramavun in antique shops, flea markets, and the pleasant surprise is that some of them are still working until now.