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The dining area is the place where family gather to share a meal and where most friends and guests gather in occasions and invitations. That is why ladies pay too much attention to this area because it will reflect the style and nature of the house owners. We at ALGEDRA have compiled some tips to make your dining area look classic. For classic dining room design ideas, scroll below:

1. You can add gold and black to create a fantastic and luxurious decor. Also, add up some handmade golden accessories made by professionals to include a royal feeling to the area.

2.“Off-white” with beige and brown for the carpet, accessories and curtains are a great idea. White curtains is also another brilliant idea because they add a special atmosphere to the dining area and wouldn't block the sunlight.

3. Add glass cabinets to store glass goblets and plates. This cabinet is a basic piece next to the buffet in the classic dining area. This is one of the examples that distinguish the classic dining room from the modern one. It is important to not focus on not putting too many goblets and plates so they would lose their beauty.

 luxurious dining room

4.You can use the classic character of the dining room in many forms. If the house is narrow and lacks wide spaces but the family is composed of a large number of individuals, you can choose a dining room like the one where it is made up of a round table of wood and glass, chairs, heavy wood disk.

5. You can use another form if the house has wide spaces. Use a large rectangular table with the addition of traditional chairs for the dining room. Add a variety of colors between brown and beige, and cream and white sugar: this will achieve the desired goal.

6.Light beige and off-white gradients create an elegant and very high-class appearance along with gold accessories and chandelier. They create the perfect mix for a classic dining room. As for the walls and black doors, these determine the white spaces and add elegance to the room.

traditional dining room 

7.Classic designs do not mean excess decoration details. There are many designs of chairs and tables that combine the simplicity and classic look. Nice selection of a luxurious chandelier with chairs and table in simple designs achieves clear elegance.