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Haven’t you ever thought of a backpacking trip across the western Europe countryside filling your eyes with the color of life.

To the west of the brighten sun of newly born Arabian empire we travel to see the purity of cool water springs running down from snow-white mountain tops spreading through the green lands once was conquered by the collapsed Roman empire.

Let’s have a closer look at this era before the age of Renaissance emerged and ease our eyes on the dramatic look of an environment that held the combination of the wealth of Nature and the darkness in the European civilization.

Let’s move inside and sit by the fire place, and recall those joyful memories of rushing in from a rainy sky all wet and cold to seek warmth and comfort.

You may look at the shadow dance of the fire reflecting on the grand stone castle-like walls.

 Arabian empire Medieval Style

Limestones can be used in the material or even granite, while the breath of dark oak panels inset on walls and beamed on the ceiling perfuming the halls atmosphere with the hints of Medieval age scent.

Get closer and see how deep rich colors dye the surrounding from deep red, green, or deep golden for more focused designation of dramatic feel of the view to relish your eyes.

Feel the floor under your soaked feet made-out of from hard wood, stones, or even tiles matching up with the spirit of the furniture placed beautifully in the space.

Dark finished wood like oaks complemented with iron or oxidized copper which can be used in kitchen tools and bathroom’s too, giving it an effective unique appearance to go along way with the lovely looking chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

heavy fabrics furniture decoration

The final touch in decoration will reveal in thick long curtains with heavy fabrics falling on the sides of the windows, an artistic rug on the wall might flush out the characteristics of your design as well!

Grab all those thought and reconsider, it could be something you desire and it is easy for us to apply.

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