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The living room was designed for family members and friends to spend time. Thus, it should be equipped with all modern and contemporary decor pieces. In terms of lighting, you can add modern lighting that works on highlighting the beauty and elegance of the décor. The wall colors and wallpaper that is distinctive with its modern inscriptions to add beauty and brilliance to the room.

One of the best options that ALGEDRA offers is a living room with white sofas because they reflect the light and brighten up the place. In addition to how easy they are to combine with the rest of the colors in the room, the most suitable colors for this room are Beige, white, orange, Green and yellow they all are bright colors.

Everything in this room helps complete the modern design, the accessories, lighting, coffee table and the TV screen. Throwing colored pillows on the white sofas will refresh the whole room atmosphere.

modern and contemporary decor design

As for the living room in the colors of spring, spending time in this living room is indeed joyful due to its colors. The living room has Colored sofas with cushions of the same color, in addition to a strong-colored carpet that fits spring. What combines all of these elements is the wall paint which is preferably white. In addition to white curtains in floral decorations that their color suits the sofas, using bright colors to the living room will add an atmosphere of vitality.

Leather sofas are very distinctive. In living room. There are various models of leather sofas such as the classic one with the plush carpet and stone wall the picture of a perfect room for elegant relaxation, its decoration is Modern decor mirrors and abstract paintings. The beige color can be used with the color of natural wood in a beautiful way on the floor of the living room to an atmosphere of simplicity and full of vitality.

One of the most common modern decor things nowadays is allocating an entire wall in the living room for a large wall mounted TV. For more beauty you can add some distinctive decorations on the wall through the use of elegant shelves or some contemporary engravings and drawings.

living room design and wall decor

The contemporary living room decor cannot be completed only through wall paintings that are undulating colors, especially if the walls are colorful, and coordinating them with furniture whether classic or modern. This type of paintings gives space for the rooms, especially if they are consistent with the distinctive geometric accessories, through Vases of summer roses that make living rooms the center of attention to everyone.