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No matter where your home is, absorbing the rules of the New Mediterranean style will ensure artisanal touches and sun-bleached walls in your future.

The New Mediterranean style shows you how to bring that sumptuous, sunny minimalism into your own home.

From California to Morocco, from Portugal to Mexico, an inviting new realistic modernism is gaining momentum. This direction in interiors combines Mediterranean folkloric influences with a contemporary aesthetic; takes cues from sunny landscapes to embrace warmth, light, and organic elements.

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The New Mediterranean style showcases inspiring residences and holiday homes around the world, combining rustic, earthy tones with colorful fabrics, ceramics, rattan furniture and Berber carpets offset by whitewashed walls, concrete, brick, terracotta tiles and glass.

The new Mediterranean is coastal-like but with an exotic twist. While it focuses on creating a bold, minimalist and warm space, it draws inspiration from the traditional features of Mediterranean houses with a modern aesthetic. It is full of different textures and natural finishes. It feels like the sunny romance of Spain, the abundance of warm colors of Italy, the sea freshness of Greece and the spices of Morocco.

So if you're looking for a new interior style that can transform your home, read on to see our New Mediterranean decor ideas.

Decorate with Terra Cotta

The new Mediterranean style is abundant in warm colors and one of the most popular colors used is earthy terra cotta tones. It can be ceramic tiles, handmade ceramics or home accents and accessories that perfectly capture the new Mediterranean style and add texture.

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Embrace the Arches

Adding the hallmark of the New Mediterranean style to our list of new Mediterranean decor ideas: arches. You will notice that these arches are designed with ceramic, glass and mosaic elements as this style is strongly influenced by other cultures such as Moroccan, Spanish and Turkish.

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Mix - Match

The new Mediterranean style can feel a bit like living in a historic replica villa, so we highly recommend mixing Art Deco and modern pieces with this style to create contrast and make the space visually interesting. Don't worry because the New Mediterranean goes well with any interior style as long as it shares the same basic features: natural textures and a neutral color palette.

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Prefer Unique Items

With unique items, it means these pieces deserve to be displayed as they are one of a kind. It can be an artisan-made item you can be proud of, or even a do-it-yourself decor. The thing is, it's the personal touches that make any house like a home, and if that defines who you are, go ahead, show it.

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Perfectly Imperfect Paint Jobs

There's also adding whitewashed walls to our new list of Mediterranean decor ideas. This is the signature style of the New Mediterranean as it adds character and contrast to the neutral color palette. It also makes your home look bright and warm.

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Whitewashed walls, stucco, plaster, brick… These are the hallmarks of the Mediterranean style. You can promote these flawless imperfect finishes with furniture and decor pieces made of stone.

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