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Styles for office interior design varies according to its functional tasks, it has become a bit of a puzzle today to choose the right style for your business since all the expanding in the world of interior design and the rapid publishing of new trends and brilliant ideas in the interior/exterior design business, crossing out every familiar line out there to come up with new ideas, resulting in a blurry vision to it all. Here at ALGEDRA we strive to provide our clients the best in their choice makings, and so today we demonstrate the original styles that started it all, and build up together step by the step the dream style you want for your office.


Contemporary style

It expresses the latest trends in the market, creative ideas collected from all around the world to ignite a start point to openness and passion towards life and the palette of other cultures, it will include so many rich details harmonized in the office design all together to represent your own character and taste, it demonstrates the knowledge and sophistication you have collected through your years of life and experience, holding in display cultural pieces of souvenirs and mementos from your travels or interests in countries you would love to travel to. This style will reflect the openness and the flexible personality to others leading them into your world, we at ALGEDRA recommend this style to the men of arts and science for its capability of expressing your mind.

Modern style

This style represents simplicity and directs the focus towards the essentials to prevent the distraction of thoughts with irrelevant items to the functionality of the place, it is practical and including the tasteful touches of decoration in the basic matters, hence nice clean walls would help the concentration on work with less distraction in the background, also keeping a vast space in the interiors only useful furniture pieces would give you more comfort to move freely and relax your eyes. This style will hint you with seriousness and focus on targeted goals with accurate time table, it is exactly what you need to show your clients as soon as they enter your office. We at ALGEDRA recommend this style to business men.

Classic style

This style proudly represents the fragrance of traditions and glorious history, including a family line with valuable heritage passed down through generations, it will make your visitors greet you with the respect you deserve, it will amplify your prestige and accent your influence with a large library wall filled with your favorite books in law, history, and politics. This library will center the background to your majestic desk combining with other elements the royal aura surrounding you. This style reflects leadership and responsibility and we recommend It to influential purposes.