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Office Interior Design Ideas


Office interior designs depend on the creativity of the designers and their general look towards the office they want to design, either it is a group of offices or private offices.

“ALGEDRA” designers are professionals when it comes to designing offices. They take into account the type of work and the office owner’s interest. It is important to understand the purpose of the office and the work quality of the company because each piece of furniture has to fit in with the office environment in a smart and suitable way.

  • The luxurious main office furniture to attract clients.
  • Modern offices use the latest decor trends for their decor and furniture to attract important clients. This furniture must be comfortable, elegant, and suitable for work.
  • Electronics and technical companies and programming companies have their own work spirit so these offices have spacious areas, special furniture and decorations that inspire creativity and provide comfortable work space. That is why we choose special designs to help provide the workers a comfortable work environment so they can score better results.
  • Space and colors must be taken into account when designing offices. You must understand the type of the office you are designing to choose the right color as it could be a commercial or residential or administrative office, and choose the right type of material used for the ceilings , walls and floors so they function properly taking into account the communication between individuals within the same place.


Ideas for General Office Accessories:

  • Use wood panels for the walls
  • Chrome pieces and marble stones add extra elegance to the offices.
  • Several types of floors: Marble, wood or glass.
  • Decoration plants and their special lighting.
  • Different sizes and types of furniture.

Here are some common office’s designs:

1.      Luxurious Wooden Office:

Wood dominates any office. You can add blue moquette that fits with the naturally carved furniture pieces, and some luxurious natural leather chairs in addition to some artifacts and paintings to decorate the ceilings and walls.

Another idea is of a semicircular office that has a large window or large painting behind it and few meters away from it there should be a small round table and a semicircular sofa with blue fabric, and gray moquette. They all provide a beautiful combination.

 Wooden Office

2.      French Style Office:

It is a luxurious and classic style. The office consists of a meeting room that has a round table and chair with velvet cushion, and in the second section there is a table that fits well with the meeting table and the general style, in addition to a “chesterfield” seat.

French Style Office

3.      Modern Office:

Some people have a special taste that reflects on their workplace. They don’t like classically organized office style. Their offices often contain a lot of filled, unusual and inconsistent pieces of furniture that if chosen in the right way may create a beautiful portrait.

In such offices you may find pieces that have no connection to each other but they combine well, such as a wooden table, leather seat, a small round table made of a different type of timber, a fireplace at some corner, and colorful paintings, a little bit of creativity will reflect positively on the work of the owner.

 Modern office design

4.      Italian Style Office:


Italian offices have their unique style even if you add some modern touch. Add up paintings and wall mounted portraits or vintage patterned furniture. In addition to the warm colors as they provide the classical royal style, if you love the Italian style you must have some paintings with spotlighting to highlight their beauty, carved wooden table, large chandelier and velvet or leather seats.