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Creative Design Ideas for your Home

New home - is a blank canvas. And only here you can unleash your creativity and imagination, filling each small room with original design ideas, unusual details, give a unique charm, warmth and comfort. Do not be afraid to experiment: try not only to implement changes to the small details, but also radically change environment, in order to go beyond the ordinary and bored perception.

Wall painting - perhaps one of the fastest ways to freshen up a room, make it a little more interesting. Choose a color that perfectly complements your personality and perfect for the interior. For example, golden-yellow and bright green paint - an excellent option for the lively and cheerful inhabitants, calm and collected ladies are best suited with grayish and blue colors.

But it does not necessarily follow the contrived stereotypes and rules. Feel free to experiment with colors until you find the most suitable option. For example, consider some interesting ideas:

1. The harmonious combination of different palette throughout the house - a great option for a creative and versatile people. If you are a follower of a more traditional style, an alternative solution can be colored paintings, always ennobling home interior;

creative design living room

2. Wallpaper can be combined with decorative walls. Very peculiar and in their original wallpaper coating will look inserts and wall stickers, but unlike the wallpapers, they can be removed at any time. This option is best for those who cannot tolerate the constancy and uniformity.

Wallpaper design by Algedra Interior Design

3. Sequenced, restrained and conservative ladies can dilute the usual design by focusing, for example, on one wall. Bright geometry or abstract flowers along the ascending staircase, luxurious ornament or natural drawing next to headboard, noble black-and-white contrast will once again underline amazing taste and style of the house owners.