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Popular design might sound a cliche for interior designers yet blending harmony of rising stars create a pure magical ambiance with two in-demand repercussions of Scandinavian and Californian interior design styles. 

It is a murky concept that has been invented in an a-ha moment of mixed styles. It contains a bit of bohemian, Mid-century modern, coastal and industrial ingredients with portmanteau elements of Scandinavian, with a focus to conceive a light and serene space.

Scandifornian style is bright, new, modern and clean but also cosy and vaguely 70s. 

Here are a few distinguishing features that make the Scandifornian a prominent style.

●    Organic elements
●    White walls
●    Mid-century details
●    Clean lines
●    Blonde wood
●    A restrained palette
●    Natural touches with modern style
●    California sunglow

Organic elements

With such a minimal or mid-century floor, pattern and texture do most of the lifting. In California, you will love bright, white, natural and earthy spaces which include materials for warming things like jute, rattan, sisal or linen.

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White walls

The Scandifornian design formula always starts with a clean, white background. Start with a white box, remove everything and thoughtfully bring back natural elements.

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Mid-century details

Scandinavian and Californian style is the appreciation and application of classic mid-century design. The emphasis on simplicity and utility, form and function is the thread that ties all these aesthetics together. In Scandifornian interiors, you'll find lots of pieces with clean lines, sharp edges, tapering legs, and special details.

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Clean lines

The most distinguishing factor that separates Scandinavian style from Scandifornian design is the abundance of natural light and brightness you get in California interiors along with airy, breezy spaces. One way to achieve this look is with a white foundation; white walls, white sofas, white chairs, and white rugs with a subtle neutral colour and graphic pattern will do the trick.

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Blonde wood

Another defining feature of Scandifornian design is the use of light wood. The light wood tones, along with the neutral colours and natural materials support the airy, casual, relaxed vibe that is synonymous with Californian style. 

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A restrained palette

Combination of Scandinavian aesthetics and Californian looks include typical Scandinavian hues with cosy neutrals alongside organic earthy tones that evoke images of dreamy West Coast scenery.

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Natural touches with modern style

The natural elements of Scandinavian and Californian homes lie in their heavy reliance on natural details, materials, and textures. Both styles embrace outdoor living and focus on bringing cues of the environment inside to create a more holistic experience. Combining indoor and outdoor spaces is extremely important in Scandinavian design, and pieces such as jute rugs, wooden tables, leather partitions, and indoor plants help create the desired ambiance.

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California sunglow

This is the only unique design element you probably won't find. People equate Scandinavian design with environments like winter or a brutally harsh landscape. They don't automatically connect it to sunny California. And yet, here it is - Scandifornian style.

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