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A kitchen is a must in any house either it is small, large or a castle. In this fast changing world, most couples prefer to be independent and have their own private small home rather than staying with parents. ALGEDRA designers gladly want to help the newly married couple in organizing their kitchen the way they want it to be.

The first thing that ALGEDRA designers take into account is:

1. Kitchen space:

The whole space must be filled and worked cleverly. You must plan where all the kitchen appliances and machines must be located, for example, the fridge. Paying attention to the smallest details is very important to make sure you make your kitchen look the best way possible.

2. Shelves and cabinets:

Shelves and cabinets

These two are very necessary for any kitchen for organization and storage purposes. You must utilize the space in your kitchen to the most optimum way. For example placing shelves in empty corners, using inner roller shelves, another great idea is to split the corners to look like drawers in the shape of “M”

ALGEDRA designers advise you to use flat cabinets with glass doors to give the kitchen a spacious appearance.

3. Colors:

Use one or two colors for the cabinets and stay away from overly decorated and carved pieces or multi-colored pieces because colors have a strong effect on the appearance of the kitchen starting from the large appliances to the smallest piece available.

Use white, cool colors, light colors, pastel colors and mineral colors as they all reflect the light and give the kitchen a brighter and a spacious look.

4. Use glass materials:

glass materials styles

Using glass materials will reflect positively on the appearance of the kitchen making it brighter and wider. You can use a glass door for the kitchen that has a view to the garden or balcony. Using glass tiles is a great idea because it will increase the light reflecting space.

5. Lights for illumination:

ALGEDRA designers advise you to fix lights on the bottom of the wall mounted cabinets to provide a better lighting for kitchen counters. You can also use a ceiling that has small decorations or use a modern pendulous light. It’s preferable to use white, off-white or any light color for the ceiling.

6. Accessories:

Avoid placing a lot of pieces on the kitchen counter, so ALGEDRA designers advise you to plan and pay attention while shopping for kitchen accessories to avoid a crowded kitchen.

7. Granite and marble:

The use of granite and marble in small kitchens give them a high-class appearance and you can create some wonderful samples of colors by using granite and marble.

8. Floors:

Use Wooden floors or tiles if you don’t want glass tiles and place a carpet that suits the colors of the granite or wood, along with small flower pots and colored transparent curtains.

beautiful Floors styles

9. Style:

If the flat is still under construction, then you can benefit from the American style kitchen that opens up to the living room or the dining room, though this style isn’t the best for the Middle Eastern cuisine with all its fatty foods. It is advisable to use a chimney or a kitchen extraction hood.