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Smart home interior is future and future is now. Since appearance 10 years ago smart home system has evolved into latest trend in 2019 and is rather becoming necessity.

Modern technology is influencing our lifestyle and surrounding spaces and smart home interior design is a way of combining technology, functionality and aesthetics for a better comfort and convenient living.

The first thought that comes in mind when hearing Smart home is a picture of futuristic design in minimal style, however smart home system integrated to Classic style interior is nowadays luxury living at its best.

So what is smart home system, why smart home needed, and what are the benefits of having it?

Smart home technology is a set of solution for automating and monitoring everyday activities which uses devices and everyday objects connected to internet.

To name few benefits of having a smart home:

  • Possibility to control of home functions remotely
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Save money
  • Convenience and simplicity
  • Home management
  • Healthy environment


Smart home technology gives you:

Possibility to control of home functions remotely: With smart home integration into your interior you get possibility to control home functions. Maybe you forgot to turn off the light when leaving home to travel, or lock the door. You can overlook all the functions of your home from your smartphone on a distance as long as you have connection to wifi. This gets handy for living in big villa or palace, where you can control functions in any room while being in another part of the house. 

Safety: Smart home system can help you keep your home safe by preventing from unforeseen damage such as water flood or fire. Water sensors detect leaks from washing machine, dishwasher and notify to prevent damage of your home interior. Fire detectors sent notification in case of smoke appearance or overheating, which can also prevent the damage of your interior and home décor.

Security: Smart home system gives you access to overlook what is happening in your home via video system as well as remote control of locks and alarm system.

Save money: At first might seem that investing in smart home technology is pricey, however in a long term it will save you money with it efficiency in energy utility. Automating the functions of

Convenience and simplicity: Managing all devices centrally from one gadget or app. In case if new technologies frightens you and seem to be too complicated to use you may start with minimal simplest setup and the gradually update your system by adding more devices later on.

Home management: with smart home system you can automate your daily home processes. Turn on the patio light at the same time after sundown and turn it off with sunrise, or setup automatically turn on and turn off the lighting for your home exterior and boundary wall. Open and close window blinds at a certain time or turn on the music in your bedroom with alarm in the morning to wake up. Your coffee machine can be setup to make a coffee by the time you go down to the kitchen.

Healthy environment: Settings of home automation system help to maintain healthy environment by regulating home temperature, humidity and lighting according to your settings.

List of things your smart home can do is huge and with technologies developing is growing everyday opening up endless possibilities.

Smart home technology can adopt to any home creating a customized smart home according to the needs of the home owners.

First you need to ask yourself: What smart home devices do I need? Answer to this question may vary depending on your needs.

The way smart home works is by connecting all the gadgets to one network called Internet of Things operating through home hub main device.

What automatically raises the question:

Will smart home work if power goes out? And the answer is yes. You may not be able to control it fully, however most of devices have batteries for support the operation while power is off, whether other smart devices that depend on electricity directly will not operate.

On the other hand will smart home without wifi and internet? Smart home system will work without internet with limited functionality within the house without giving remote control access, and will not work without a wifi as it is the wireless way of devices communicating with each other. Some devices may work on Bluetooth- depending on a choice of system.


With all the complicity of advantages that home automation system provides we may say if you building your new home you definitely should not neglect smart home integration into your interior for a really luxurious comfort living.