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1. Interior design doesn’t focus only on the décor but also focuses on the details of the design such as the accessories and materials, electricity, illumination, ventilation and the smart usage of spaces. Thus, the designer must be knowledgeable in all of these fields so he can reach the best and most beautiful designs.

2. To achieve a modern distinctive design doesn’t mean that we get rid of all the things, but you can achieve it by re-using some old pieces after modifying them such as painting them in the different color or using a different fabric, or just re-using these pieces in a creative new way.

3. You can’t create a distinctive interior design without a plan that includes thinking of every single detail and determining the suitable time and the budget.

modern bedroom decor by Algedra

4. The designer must have an innate high taste in coordinating colors, fabrics and organizing to portray the space in the best and most comfortable way.

5. The unity of the house design is important. It would be great that each room has a spirit of its own, but by using the same windows, doors or one type of flooring the whole house will be one.

6. The dark-colored designs that use too much black doesn’t make the space narrower and smaller. It can highlight everything in the room and add a special sense of elegance and mystery if used in the right way.

stylish family sitting area

7. When space is narrow and small, placing a large mirror will make space look more spacious.

8. Colors have a great effect on the mood. This is why it is important to study colors well before using them. For example, using too much dark red in the bedroom is bad, because this color stimulates the nerves and raises blood pressure. So it is hard to sleep in a room full of dark red.