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Spanish style Interior Design:

Spanish interior design is a vibrant, colorful Mediterranean style that brings to mind rustic villas, sunny patios and an old-fashioned, solid sense of family. Unlike other design styles, Spanish decor is fairly easy to achieve in your own home.

With that influence, Spanish interior design features a coastline-inspired color palette of blues, greens, whites, and browns. While the warmth of terracotta reds and oranges are other major players in Spanish color schemes due to the widespread use of terracotta tiles for flooring and roofs. The elements of stone and ceramics are very common in Spanish design along with pottery, wrought iron pieces, candle holders, and carved wooden panels. Metal accents of copper are also important to this style of design.

How to make the perfect surrounding:

Walls are generally fin­ished with a smooth-touch stucco texture or a faux finish–a paint technique where brush strokes, sponge patterns or varying shades of the same color are used to add dimension. Typical colors include Mediterranean-influenced warm and cool shades and earth tones such as taupe, burnt orange, chocolate brown, indigo blue, deep red and mustard yellow. Many traditional Spanish-style interiors have wood-framed windows and carved panels and ceilings accented with wood beams and decorative tin tiles or made entirely of wood.

What to use in the floor

Fully carpeted spaces are uncommon in Spanish in­teriors. Generally, a uniform hard flooring surface is installed throughout the home and accented with small throw carpets and large area rugs. Traditional Spanish carpets have a knotted weave in staggered rows. A neutral beige or off-white creates a background for linear-patterned designs in soft greens and yellows. The most traditional flooring choice in a Spanish-style home is hardwood, though budget-conscious designers can choose alternative flooring options such as slate, a heavy, matte-finished ceramic or terracotta tile with dark grout.

It’s in the details

Spanish interior design accessories include fabrics, wrought iron and pottery. Fabrics can be incorporated into the design with woven cotton throw rugs and window treatments made of cotton in muted colors. Wrought-iron rods can be used to hang window treatments. To incorporate more wrought iron into your design scheme, use a variety of decorative pieces such as door knockers, cabinetry and door hardware, wall sconces, chandeliers, headboards and fireplace covers. Random, small groupings of pottery and large vases add traditional, no-fuss styling.

What piece of furniture goes right in

Spanish-style homes often use leather and Mission-style dark, distressed wood furnishings. Some common dark wood choices include mahogany, walnut, ebony, butternut, teak and rosewood. Traditional furniture provides a complementary contrast to a Spanish-style home’s soft arches and whimsical architectural elements such as carved wood panels. Choose leather armchairs with straight backs, heavy wooden benches and wood chairs upholstered in woven cotton fabrics.