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Spring is around the corner with its beautiful vibrant colors and heavenly flower smell that makes everybody feel happy, spring is when the nature beauty is in its peak.

Houses are decorated with the beautiful vibrant colors of spring, bright color such as orange, yellow, pink and green are those colors which Algedra designers would advise you to use to make your home's atmosphere similar to the atmosphere of the spring.

Changing the wall color or a small part of it can make a drastic change. Paint your home in green, pink or blue along with a bright wallpaper.

To add a natural touch to your living room you can use pastel colors that are very soft and relaxing, use pastel colors that are inspired from plants and use colored pillows.

pastel colors decor for Living Room

Curtains of silk fabrics, chiffon and lace in bright colors with beautiful decoration provides a spring like touch especially if in pastel colors, because they give they make the space appear spacious, radiance and vitality. There are many choices for pastel colors, you can mix several colors with each other in an appropriate manner, such as pink with light green and a white corner adorned with several colorful cushions, and a colorful carpet for the floor.

Adding flowers and natural plants will enhance the spring atmosphere in your home, put them on the tables, windows and shelves. Put them in colorful pots and place them strategically on empty surfaces such as the kitchen table.

Flowers whether natural or as a pattern on fabrics always add a bright and a vital spring look especially if in bright colors such as red, orange or yellow that you can use in sofas or chairs, or you can use a carpet that has large flower prints in colors suitable for the room furniture.

colorful flower & living room cushions

In the bedroom Algedra engineers advise you to put colored blankets and bedspreads in pastel colors such as " light green or orange and yellow" with colorful curtains that commensurate with the spring colors in the room.

 Algedra engineers recommend that you get color inspirations from art paintings that were popular in the sixties especially blue and orange, and add the spirit of modernity to them, especially in the bedroom, and at sunrise the place will look spectacular.

 New designs introduced pastel colors to the kitchen. Green is a beautiful color that reflects vitality. In the kitchen, it is a color used for cabinets and is associated with yellow and orange colors creating a wonderful combination of spring color with colorful herbs planting pots that will help spread the incredible smell of spring in your kitchen.

beautiful spring color kitchen design

You can also decorate the terrace and garden in spring colors and add a family seating with colorful chairs and swing to relax and enjoy your time.