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Swimming is the perfect summer sport to get rid of heat and pressure and to play and have fun with family and friends, pools condition the weather and cools it, so it is important to have a pool at home, the following are some tips to help design pools.

First of all, ALGEDRA experts advise you to determine the shape you want, there are many pool shapes the geometrical such as the square and rectangular shapes or the free style shaped pools that merge with the surrounding nature.

There are some important points that should be taken into account for designing a distinguished and comfortable pool, first make sure that the entrance and the exit to the pool are easy, so after designing the pool determine the entrance and the exit points by adding some steps or inclining the pool floor.

comfortable pool design

Water cleaning mechanism is very important you must determine the quality of filters used and where to place them, the water heating system and the system of filling and emptying the swimming pool and other important technical matters to the swimming pool.

Designing the area surrounding the pool and cladding the floor with a non-slip substance and adding a few chairs and umbrellas to relax in the beautiful summer days.

You can build a coal stove next to the swimming pool for a barbecue with family and friends, and customize a children's play areas that are a little far to ensure their safety.

To illuminate the pool shed light on the pool by overhead lighting and interior lighting and even internal lighting inside the pool, you can use different colors, but white is preferred in this case to show the purity of the water.

swimming pool for a barbecue

For more fun install a diving board or a water slide for extra fun.

And for a grander look add fountains in the pool or around it to give it an aesthetic touch.