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Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg became a worldwide phenomenon after she sailed for 15 days from UK to New York on a zero-emissions yacht in order to minimize the carbon footprint of her travel, with purpose of giving speech at United Nations Climate Summit.

With her speech that went viral she managed to bring attention of the whole world to the climate problem, however architects and designers working long time on developing projects to minimize the impact and fight the climate change with sustainable architecture designs.

What is sustainable architecture design?

It is a design with aim to improve health and comfort of inhabitants and reduce negative impact on the environment, which can be implemented through all fields of design starting with building and ending with products.

Why we need sustainable architecture?

For our own vital benefit.

Because climate change issue is real, the world is experiencing massive pollution and lack of natural resources.

The answer lies within the main ideology of green architecture which is oriented on using the resources of the nature without damaging the environment, keeping them in balance with taking in consideration future generations and living life in high level of wellbeing.

Sustainability necessity is definitely influencing modern architecture.

Sustainable architecture is the future no question, but when did sustainable architecture start?

Interesting fact, one of the first sustainable architecture buildings were London Crystal Palace back in 1850 and Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (which is now one of the most famous malls and most visited tourist attractions in Milan(Italy). A lot of natural light letting in design structure, and underground air-cooling chambers were used for regulating indoor air temperature in those historical buildings.

The first Earth Day in 1970 was a mark of emerging sustainable design movement that evolved with technologies in 1990th and is todays future.

Building home in 2020 implementing sustainability in your design is a must for long-term vision of your wellbeing.

There are two types of sustainable design:


Efficient technologies save water, energy, and help home owners to protect the environment while saving money


Passive design included in the actual structural design and layout, to significantly reduce the amount of energy needed to heat, cool and light a building.

Passive methods do not require any mechanical or electronic devices and need minimal additional input:

Green roofs, Solar Heating, Recycled Materials, Glass structures, Natural Stone and others.

Easiest way to implement sustainability in your home design is passive method where your house architecture, landscape, villa layout and choice of materials for longevity of interior would be major part of concept development.

One of the trendiest streams in design having huge impact on sustainability is Biophilic Design.

Understanding importance of sustainable architecture design and how it affects your entire live in positive way should make you think about implementing sustainable design elements in your home for everlasting benefit  as it is a small things that make a big difference.