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Cooking a healthy yet tasty food with kids is a great way to spend time with them, and it is a way for them to learn more about healthy food. Kids love to develop their skills. When it comes to cooking food, even those who are hard to please would find it tempting to eat meals they made. So let the children enter the kitchen, and praise them for their work because they will even help in washing the dishes.

Decor kitchen for kids

But it is important to keep an eye on them while they are in the kitchen and secure it for them, so they can be safe.

1. First the floor must be coated with an anti-slip material for the safety of children and the adults as well. You should also clean any liquids or foods immediately after they fall on the floor.

2 The kitchen must be equipped with all the best ways possible to keep the children safe, such as the auto-lock drawers, but the auto lock must be slow. This is important because children don't close drawers  or cabinets after using them.

3.Use safety locks on cabinets containing hazardous things such as cleaning materials, tools and sharp and heavy glass so that the child does not attempt to access them.

4.Ensure the existence of safe plastic tools that are harmless to children in the lower drawers that are easy to reach by children.

5.When children enter the kitchen you must install a security lock on the handle of the oven, microwave, the washing machine and dishwasher.

kids kitchen style

6.Keep the oven door closed at all times and make sure they stay away from it when the oven is in use.

7.Cut the power on electrical appliances that you do not use and pay attention on the child when he uses one of these appliances. Also, you should be certain of the closure of all electrical outlet with safety jacks.

8.The acquisition of a safe gas oven so your child can not run it or open it alone.

9.You can buy safe tools that are suitable for the use of children or supervise them while using the tools that you use.

10.Buy a table with small chairs to keep your child from falling and to make it an easy task for him to help you

11.Specify the tasks that they can do according to their age and abilities. First they should follow the safety and hygiene rules, and you should insist on the importance of keeping away from all hot and sharp tools in the kitchen such as the oven, knives, blender and etc. Also, you must insist on not using them unless in the presence an adult.

kids kitchen

12.Make sure there are no sharp edges on the table, chairs or shelves.

13.And after equipping the kitchen with all the safety and hygiene rules, there has to be a First Aid kit, because children are fast-moving and some injuries are bound to happen.