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What is the first thing you notice when visiting any home?

It is the entrance outside of the house, which gives the first impression about home and reflects homeowners' taste and personality.

Luxuriously decorated entryway will create a welcoming impression to your visitors and uplift your mood every time you come back home.

Breathtaking decorations prepare to enter the extravagant residence.

There are many ways to decorate entryway and choice of décor will vary depending on the villa exterior style.

Algedra designers share some tips on decorating your villa entrance luxuriously.

Decorate with architectural details:

Decorative brackets, moldings, columns, and trim will give your classic style villa the opulence. It a small detail that impress and make overall look interesting and more attractive.

Decorating main entrance with arches and large chandeliers or lanterns hanging over the door will make your entryway more sophisticated and extremely elegant.

Enhance the look by choosing a luxury cladding material such as natural stones with brass details décor.

Modern villa entrance décor is minimal and accent goes on exterior elements.

Villa Architecture

Door design as a main accent of décor:

You may choose the door to be a main focal point of entrance décor.

It may be handcrafted customized solid wood grand door going up to the ceiling, or the door from reflective glass with metal finishes. Whichever design, color or material you choose, door is the only element that must match interior design as it is seen from inside.

Canopy over the entrance designed as extension of the building is practical and looks splendid.

Villa Architecture Door Design

Clear well-maintained pathway:

A custom walkway from the gate to the door layered in unique patterns gives a sense of wealth. Lighting plays an important role in safety, but also gives opportunity for decorative element that has a great aesthetics in day time.

Villa entrance pathway

Use water features:

Nothing screams more luxury, than adding water feature by the entryway to your villa. It may be fountain in the middle by the entrance, or water pond from both sides leading to stairs.

Villa entrance water pathway

Highlight entrance stairs design:

Every villa is elevated from the ground and stairs are an integral part of the entrance, therefore you may utilize it to highlight the grandeur of your home by decorating them with ornamental tiles and conceptual lighting.

Villa entrance greenery

Greenery and landscape elements

Flower pots with exotic plants and palms will add vibrancy to the entryway should match your villa architectural style. Choose color of the flowers to create harmonious contrast with the house exterior walls and entry door.

Use those tips when designing the entrance to emphasize the beauty of your villa, and create strong residential identity of luxurious home.

Remember that the most luxurious way to decorate your villa entrance is to choose exclusive customized to your personal taste design approach.