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Tips to Improve your Bedroom in the Best Way

The bedroom is like a haven for relaxation after a long tiring day and it is where the care and the character of the house lady shows. There is no doubt that everyone seeks change and renewal to feel comfort and radiance.

ALGEDRA’s designers advised some fundamental changes that make a room the most spectacular place and full of warmth and love.

 Elegant Guest Bedroom

The bed

  • The most important step is to change the bed linens and adventure by choosing unusual colors for the room and away from gloomy colors.
  • To give the room a classy look by making the bed mattress and the curtains of the same color, such as hotel rooms.
  • Using colorful pillows in different shapes square, rectangular, or a grain of bonbon and decorated with strips.
  • A sense of welfare; mattresses decorated with strips of silk satin and silk pillows make the bed comfortable.
  • Crochet tablecloths and decorated with strips and embroidered with lace makes a pretty upscale painting and give a wonderful look for the room.
  • It is possible to make the room such as chambers of one thousand and one nights by adding colorful silk curtains around the bed (mosquito net).

 Modern Master Bedroom

The lighting

  • Change the lighting of the room by placing new lamps with white light to make the place look wider and lighter even rugs and carpets and tablecloths will look more beautiful.
  • Use the side lights (on both sides of the bed) table lamps to create an atmosphere of calm and comfort in the room.
  • You can use decorative lighting as an addition to the walls for further change or put metal decorations (candle holders) and use colored candles.

 Gold and Black Bedroom


  • They deserve all the credit for updating the look of the room. For example, paintings or mural designs give another dimension to the art and show the taste and creativity.
  • The renewal of old photos by only changing frames and adding frames that commensurate with the general decor in the room.
  • Small or large carpets cover the floor and create a clear difference in the room if the patterns and colors are suitable for the rest of the room.
  • Placing a vase of crystal or porcelain and put a bouquet of arranged flowers of different colors inside it.



  • Changing the order of furniture in the room will save you from changing the whole furniture in general and the room will look like a new one.
  • If the room is wide, then you can add two seats or upholstery old new cloth seats with the addition of a small table.
  • Get rid of large unused pieces and take advantage of the space to make the room look bigger.
  • Adding oriental touches for the room, such as the golden-colored mirrors and lanterns, Eastern seats (mosaic) with a small table in the same eastern design and make special Oriental corner
  • Decorate the dressing table and add lights for it to allow good vision and add more lighting in the place



  • Change the color of the room paint or simply change the color of one wall preferably the wall behind the bed and redecorate it as desired small maybe by placing shelves with pieces of crystal on it or put a plate or a small hand-made carpet on the wall.
  • You can put patterned or colored wallpaper without the need for any paper plates as it is decorative with its colors and inscriptions.
  • Change the backboard of the bed (headboard) by making it a colorful painting decorated with carvings or natural colored painting.
  • Make the backboard of the bed wall decor extends to the ceiling and bend to complete the design to the middle of the room which increases in Luster room.
  • Decorate the dressing table and add lights for it to allow good vision and add more lighting in the place.