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How many of you have been thinking to add up chunks of luxurious look in the space you’re working or living in? We know that many of you would need ideas as everyone adores the luxury, hence we came up with our top 10 luxury ideas this time. Check them below!

1.      Luxury for Dining

Starting with the dining area, this is the space where the guests, as well as the family members sit and enjoy their appetite almost every day. It has an important role in any kind of a house. If prominent colors like maroon and gold are added in the furniture or any of the wall pieces, it will make it look not only luxurious but luminous at the same time.

2.       Wardrobe Setup

The same theme of gold and magenta or maroon will look stunning in the wardrobe as well. The rugs might go in contrast making the furniture look prominent, but the walls must have some leather used in it with a dark color to keep up with the pace.

3.       Pool area

The idea of keeping the pool area elegant and luxurious is pretty much effective these days. Comfortable chairs along with tables would work along but make sure to use water-friendly leather for it. Use of indoor plants is a better idea too to keep the place naturally beautiful.

 4.       Decorating a Majlis

A Majlis is an important area for the gatherings of guests. Having a luxurious Majlis with a theme of gold, green, red, or blue is going to look fantastic and beautiful. Some antique pieces like lamps on the side tables or pots in the corners along with the contrast of cushions is going to make it look better.

5.       Living Room

The combination of blue and gold with a touch of dark brown is always stunning. You can use it in the living room to make it look brighter and posh at the same time. Using wide tables in front of each sofa while small ones in the corners will add up a great look. A mirror is a must in the living room too, but you must make sure to use it in a place that will make the room look bigger and better.

6.       Villa Exterior

The exterior of a villa and especially the door tells how the place will look from the inside. Contrast themes such as off-white with a touch of dark brown can be used in the exterior walls while the door should be more of a metal or steel so that it gives a luxurious look. A chandelier on the entrance door adds up some beauty as well.   

7.       Use of Furniture

Even a single piece of furniture brings a whole new face to any space. Try using a sofa with gold and yellow theme in any corner of a living room or bedroom. Place up silk cloth in one corner for elegance. Gold colored with rod or metal bordered sofa is the best for such a look. 

8.       Using Chandeliers

Chandeliers, especially in gold truly gives a luxurious touch to the whole room. Effective use of it in the drawing room or Majlis is really better than using it in a bedroom. You can also add one big chandelier in the hall with many lights in it that can lighten up the surrounding areas as well. 

9.       Luxurious Home Office

Some people like having a library or a small office within the reading room. Make it look unique by placing a dark maroon with luminous leathered sofa along with a wooden table. Placing an antique piece of the lamp and beautiful book holder will add up some luxury though.

10.   Luminous Master Bathroom

When you love decorating your home making it look luxurious, you want to make everything within the area to look beautiful, whether that be your living room, kitchen or even your bathroom. For your bathroom, give it some time and try making it in the same theme as the bedroom. Add up gold and soft-white themed tile flooring and ceiling along with luminous tub, glass shower, a huge mirror over the sink with beautiful gold borders for elegance.