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  • Colors are fun to look at. The consistency between the colorful space and the home decor create a wonderful portrait that will make us feel relaxed and happy in our own earthly heaven. ALGEDRA’s designers introduce the best tips for the most suitable seasonal colors and ideas that will change the atmosphere of the house to the best.

White, Black, and Gray are neutral colors that are almost present in every decor in varying proportions. They are suitable with the rest of the colors used in the home or the room.


neutral colors decor

It is the most prominent color in the house. It’s known for its clarity, purity, and relaxing effect, and it is the most prominent color. Most houses are covered in white because it fits with the corridors and the rooms of the house, but when using white, you must be careful not to keep it very clear so it won’t give the feeling of emptiness. To break this prominent color, you should mix it with other colors.

  • To get the cloudy white, you mix white with blue.
  • Butter white which is basically white mixed with some green to created white that is slightly greenish.
  • Moonlight white which is white mixed with some yellow color, to create a yellowish white.
  • Pearl white which is white mixed with some red the result is a white color with a pink tone.


Winter colors decor


It is a very elegant and luxurious color but is better if you don't use it too much and you should mix it with other bright colors because too much black in a place makes it look gloomy.

Usually black works well with white and yellow, cafe brown, light brown and red. You can have black in an engineering works room or the living room, but there should be another color with it.

 You can change the colors of a specific room by merging different colors to reflect the atmosphere of the home and the natural atmosphere outside. Seasonal colors are a great way to renew our household choices.

Autumn colors (yellow, orange, brown, red) are classified from the warm colors that create a quiet space and make you feel relaxed

Winter colors (brown, gray, dark red and black)

Spring colors (pink, purple, saffron yellow and bright green) give a renewed appearance for the room and it is best to combine cool soft colors with warm colors, which reflect the nature outside

Summer colors are refreshing colors, that give a sense of freshness and white is prominent among them and is mostly associated with the lightest grades of bright colors.

 These colors mix in every season either in the form of changing placements and decorating them with the appropriate colors and the appropriate fabrics ranging from cotton, satin silk fabric decorated with inscriptions that are appropriate for spring and summer to decorate placements, pillows, and curtains for different types of occasion.

 Woolen and dark velvet fabrics are appropriate for the winter and autumn.

Mineral gold and bronze accessories fit with autumn and spring colors.

Wooden accessories fit in with autumn, spring, summer and winter colors.

 warm color decor

The multiple colors in the interior design of the house give the room an impressive atmosphere and make them radiate vitality.

 Upon the selection of furniture, you must combine more than two colors even if they aren't from the same gradient. But it is an important thing to be consistent and coherent.

 Combine a warm color (orange, pink) with cool colors (green, blue) to give the room an atmosphere of balance and diversity. Neutral colors are always preferable for the walls in the rooms and large pieces of furniture, for example, the colors white and gray.

To give the home a bright and calming influence, mix the white color with pink or light green as to increase the blending of lighting in the home.

To increase the sophistication and luxury in various colors do not forget the accompanying accessories like mirrors, plaques or portraits, and the appropriate side illumination.