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Tropical interior design features the use of natural materials, like wicker, rattan, bamboo and teak. However, you can still embrace that style when having glossy furnishings with the help of fabrics featuring palm leaves, lattice prints and cane motifs.

Light and breezy spaces can be achieved with white or cool-colored walls and linen curtains, while more ornate rooms may showcase silky drapes, luxurious pillows and potted palms in elegant planters. Tropical interior design can be applied to any style.

The living room is the perfect place to establish a tropical motif, since it is the main area in your home, A potted palm and a pair of shell lamps introduce a warm vibe. Warm colors palette or white walls also contribute to the cozy tropical atmosphere. 

Tropical kitchens often feature natural materials to help sustain the mood while there’s nothing like a light and airy tropical bedroom! White walls, a palm leaf fan, and silky drapes or bamboo blinds and furnishings keep the space fresh and breezy.

What makes this style so special is the ability to set a beautiful seating area whenever and have a wonderful time with your family.