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The living room is where we prefer to relax after a long tiring day, and it also can be a reception for guests. Hence, it should have a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. We must pay attention to the wall paintings and pictures and make sure they fit perfectly with the surrounding space.

The first thing you should know is to use wall picture moderately without exaggeration.

classic living room Interior

Make sure to use ones that are consistent with the room style. For example, classical paintings or wall mounted carpets are suitable for the classic furniture, and modern paintings are suitable for the modern furniture. Only if the room is a combination of the modern and classic style then you can combine between classical and modern paintings. 

You can use wall paintings to give a new dimension to the place. But if you like to change your furniture every now and then, in this case, it’s preferable to use wall paintings that will be consistent with the new furniture or will be suitable for a different space in your house so you can place it there.

One of the choice principles that will save time is to use paintings that are consistent with the room furniture. These paintings can be your inspiration when you want to refurnish the room in the future.

classic living room Interior

The living room pictures can be natural landscapes paintings or real landscapes pictures and even some family pictures. These may be complementary to each other, or made by the house owners with their children, for example.

In the end, the selection of pictures and paintings reflects your personality to space, make sure to select what is in line with your nature and with the characteristics of your space at the same time.