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Speaking about the choice of colour for interior design, interior designers usually mean a variety of shades, among which they have to find the very perfect tone. However, the choice of colour cannot be limited to that matter. Because an equally important factor is the finish of a particular surface or material. 

It is customary to roughly divide the finish into a matte, glossy and medium option. The clearest example of the importance of a finish to a colour is how black changes with its haze. 

Glossy black and matte black are like two different colours! Today, Algedra interior designers talk about the matte variation of the classic tone. 

Characteristics of Matte Black

Matte black is the epitome of elegance and timeless classics. It is incredibly expressive, strong and artistic.  

So, matte black as an interior colour has many advantages, but perhaps the most important of them is what a powerful “wow” effect it can create. Black is a very dramatic colour on its own, but matte black looks a lot more bold. It reflects very little light, which makes it even more powerful and austere. 

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Another great property of matte black is its expressiveness. It gives the design a special graphic and even artistic mood, and it doesn’t matter what elements this colour is embodied in. 

Interestingly, this effect occurs even if matte black is not a solid piece of colour, but is presented as a subtle print, such as the pattern on the wallpaper in this bathroom. 

bathroom interior design

The graphic quality of black is undeniable, but it is in the matte format that it becomes especially bright. Elements such as furniture legs, small coasters or shelves will look like full-fledged art objects if painted with black matte paint. In addition, it is this technique that designers often use to give an interesting sound to interiors in a restrained range.  

Just look around carefully: there are probably small objects in the interior of your home that can be made more decanter and expressive with a dark matte shade. 

living room interior design

In addition to home decor and interior decoration, there are also purely practical advantages of a black matte surface. On it, in contrast to the black gloss, traces of touching with fingers are almost imperceptible. 

It is for this reason that this colour is especially good for working with the interior of the bathroom and kitchen design.  

Another interesting technique is to highlight certain points using deep black. For example, black handles against a white facade look contrasting and are clearly visible at the first glance. 

family sitting room design

Black colour always looks fresh and modern, always in the spirit of the times, and matte black is also very stylish. You can add a drop of black tone to any, even the simplest interior, and it will sparkle with new colours. If the base is created correctly, then such a design will be relevant for many more years. 

Matte black is the perfect choice for picture frames, as it combines expressiveness with the ability to beautifully set off a work of art. If the view from your window can also be classified as beautiful things, you should definitely try to "frame" it with matte black. 

bedroom interior design

Matte black is very beautifully combined with warm metal, which is incredibly popular today. The soft sheen of brass and the depth of black are the perfect combination to complement both modern and classic interior styles. 

Finally, the black matte tone is very easy to work with. It's a classic colour and easy to pair with other tones on the palette, as well as maintained in multiple decor items. 

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