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Villa exterior design is as important as its interior design.

Whether you remodeling your existing house or designing new villa you will be able to achieve best villa exterior design with the help of Algedra experts, who’s expertise gives ability to find unique solutions for most extraordinary request.

Villa exterior design is much of a statement representing home owners personality, as well as contribute to the areas landscape.

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It is a complex process of decision and choice making on the way of creating your dream home.

If you design your new house first thing to decide on is the architectural style of villa.

Exterior design style might be chosen considering the location of villa plot.

So how to understand which style suits your idea of dream house the most?

Here are some styles you might have in mind to choose from:

Modern villa exterior design

Modern style exterior distinguished by straight lines, big windows, use of wood in exterior and concrete.

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Classic villa exterior design

Architecture style suitable for luxury palace design as well as for small villa exterior.

Beautiful columns, ornamental boundary walls and décor makes house look majestic

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Islamic architecture exterior design

Beautiful architectural style preserving Middle Eastern traditions in modern home looks.

Geometric patterns, arc and dome.

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Mediterranean villa exterior design

Another popular choice for those who like more traditional architecture. It is a style originated in United states in mid 20th and is common for big mansions in Hollywood for rich and famous.

This villa exterior design in Dubai seen a lot in Palm Jumeirah beach houses.

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Contemporary exterior design

Unusual futuristic forms can be mixed with elements from different styles even traditional.

Architectural style will affect the choice of exterior design elements and materials used in design implementation.

Taking in consideration all elements of exterior design starting from house color, siding, exterior wall, pathway, lighting and even landscape.

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With help of designers’ team passionate about applying accessible design concepts to the outside of your home you will be able to achieve best villa exterior design.

After process of visualization of your villa you will be happy to see the result of your future home look brought to life.

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Algedra experts appreciate the power of architectural details and will guide you step by step through this complex process to visualize and implement exterior of your perfect house.

To get inspired for your dream house vision check our villa exterior design ideas in our extensive portfolio.