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Interior design is an art and science of enhancing a building beautiness and layout; it is far beyond meaning that a home just has two rooms into one place with simple adorned zone, which it should be considered all space is a  whole by knowing that two rooms are never truly the same.

It is the best time to create a space that is suitable for our tastes with DIY movements when high-rise buildings, different structures and today's systems are blended into with our own understanding and choices.

With Pinterest and Instagram, it is now very easy to choose designs that suit your taste.

However, while starting design and decorations all over again, at first you should definitely get help from an expert that can explain to you how to catch interior design excellence.

Here Algedra interior designers share some tips on perfecting interior design of your home;

1- Imaginary decorations

Don’t try to do everything at once while decorating your home!

Take a more subtle approach instead trying to use bright prints, colors, items and customize your furniture, accessories, floor, and walls; otherwise you'll run into a high clashing design mess.

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Choosing a feature wall is one of the easiest ways to achieve right home decoration. Use an eye-catching piece of wallpaper or a brightly colored paint to cover wall.

2- Unity

Unity is the concept used by interior designer and refers to the repetition of certain ingredient, color palette, patterns, and lines to put into practice a dominant theme.

Keep in mind that concept should be creating a thoughtful relationship between living room, bedrooms, dining room and bathrooms.

3- Variety

While each room must fit a theme, room-to-room variety is vital, giving each space a sense of purpose and evoking different feelings within the person moving through the house.

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Colors, components, patterns, styles and shapes should differentiate every space, but there should also be a sense of unity as the integrity creates a harmony peculiar to the overall development when combined with diversity of nature and distinction.

4- Use of Material

Materials add in outlook excellency and give a feel of extraordinary will always have more positive impact on occupants.

Linen, silk and wood are popular elements that interior designers always exude quality to represent the highest level of comfort, sustainability and the beautiful appearance of your apartment.

5- Quality of Furniture

The most eye-catching interior design always gives luxury, creative, stylish look with innovative furniture.

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From sofas that have excellent craft to unique custom items that no one else has, decorate furniture should be seen as an art form. Adding and using furniture is a guaranteed way to create a magazine-worthy- finish atmosphere.

6- Unique Decorative Items

Often times, it's the little details that make the biggest difference.

From framed pictures on the wall to carefully crafted candles and thick coffee table books, adding accessories to your home is one of the simplest ways to enhance your interior design. It is these pieces that distinguish your home from magazine pages and have the greatest impact on the people who come to visit.

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To see all design process visit Algedra’s Decor Makers Youtube channel.