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The garden creates a strong relationship between the man and the surrounding world around him. Since the beginning of the humanity, the human being has always felt a strong need for a place to relax and meditate by observing its beauty. This place is the garden.

The existence of a garden even a small one is an essential characteristic for any house. To choose the suitable design for a garden is by combining some natural elements with the green plants, flowers, water and some stones and rocks to create a place for you to sit and enjoy the calming fresh air.

Taking care of a garden is considered a form of art and displays the taste of the family members, and considered a beautiful place for the family to enjoy gathering in for a cup of tea or for a meal between the bushes and flowers.

The House Garden Purposes:

There are many purposes of a garden such as:

  • To highlight the aesthetic side of the house
  • To provide shades and protect from sun heat, to condition the atmosphere.
  • To filter the environment of dust and industrial pollution.
  • To fix the soil and it provides a shield from dust and strong wind.
  • To provide a safe playground for children.
  • To provide space for relaxation and tranquility.

House Garden

Main Elements of the Garden:

  • Main entrance
  • Pergolas
  • Seats and tables
  • Lighting
  • Garden fence
  • Garden pavers and pathways
  • Playground
  • Facilities area
  • Shaded areas and sunny areas

Steps for Designing a House Garden:

There are certain steps that you must take while designing a garden for any kind of a house. They are:

  1. Create a list of all the desired family activities and acknowledging the budget.
  2. An initial design for the garden that shows the different areas
  3. Choosing the suitable design for both space and construction type.

Preparing the soil for Planting:

  • After choosing the appropriate area of the house, plow the ground twice to a depth of 30 cm and preferably with a chemical organic fertilizers close to zone of the root spread to be mix compost with soil, then cover with a layer of soil.
  • After plowing the ground should be irrigated heavily, and after two days you can plant tree and flower seeds. It’s preferable to choose an area of the garden to plant vegetables, such as Eggplant, radish, and many others.
  • Place the plants that need constant care near the house.
  • Design a new garden or make some adjustment on the current one or changing the location of some plants. You should follow this instruction to guarantee that you are taking care of the plants that are usually unseen.
  • This way moving garden equipment and the water hose is an easy task but an enjoyable one too!

Designing a House Garden

Designing a Small Garden:

While designing a small garden you shouldn’t forget flower pot, such as the ceramic and plastic flower pots.

You can also rely on mounted baskets that are easy to carry and lift.

There is no reason to plant seasonal trees, but instead you can plant bushes, and trees that produce fruits and vegetables such us grape. Perennial plants can be used as wells, flower basins that move easily are a great choice.

Position flower basins in a higher place to prevent back injury. Placing these basins at 10 inches makes it easier to take off the flower while sitting on a chair or you can design a flower basin with attached ceramic bench.

And put some flat stones or wood decorations, or anything that you can sit on around the basin.

As for the operations of irrigation you can use the type of irrigation known distillates water in a circular systematic manner, and that can be withdrawn from one place to another without affecting the lives of plants and flowers.

Interest in gardening, the arrangement of plants and corridors, especially since walking the corridors of the gardens is fun. And the narrow paths that are designed in an excellent way that make the process of entering the garden or exiting it very enjoyable. Here you should think carefully about the uses of these pathways, and to identify which is used as a path or corridor to roam inside the garden, and those that lead visitors and guests to the house entrance directly.

Garden fence which is an essential element for the garden. If the family doesn't find it difficult to bend or sit on the knees and or find a difficulty standing, it preferable to use a wall of wooden blocks connected to each other, to ease the hold and reclining on them. Whatever the material used in the construction of the fence is, it should not be less than three feet, in order to avoid stumble over it.

Adding colored iron bars at the inner side of the fence would add more beauty to the overall look and it will all look better if animals and birds’ statues are placed in the garden.

For the selection of suitable plants, it's better to add to the favorite plants for family members some shrubs, trees and roses that only need the least amount of care. However, if the family members prefer fruit trees, it's better to choose grape and palm trees.