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Biophilic meaning - as a definition is an innate love for the natural world, supposed to be felt universally by humankind according to British dictionary.

The origin of word itself taking roots from New Latin “love of life” from bio- + -philia; (1960–65)

With undoubtable benefit of people interacting with nature biophilia spread and took strong positions within different aspects of lives including design.

Being a latest trend because of its influence on happiness and wellbeing biophilic design is used by designers in architecture and interiors.

Taking in consideration impact of technologies on modern lifestyle and high paced urbanistic environment we are living in, development of major environmental problems such as pollution, global warming, loss of biodiversity, public health and climate change, countries with strong developed economics and conceptual future vision of their cities like United Arab Emirates, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada and other European countries incorporate biophilic architecture in their development.

Cities like Dubai with it mega urban developments and Singapore with its biophilic architecture are great example of incorporating biophilic strategies.

The main biophilic principles are based on two basic dimensions and related to 6 biophilic elements.

Organic- shapes and forms in the built environment that directly or indirectly refers to appreciation of nature.

Place based- life sustaining. Buildings and landscapes connecting the culture and ecology of locality in geographic space.

Natural forms and shapes, natural processes and patterns, light and space, place-based connection, environmental features and Human- nature relationships are six elements used within dimensions to follow the biophilic principles.

Because of it proved advantages of enhancing the mood and productivity, reducing stress according to numerous researches, biophilic design became widely used by innovative companies in their office design.

One of the most impressive examples of biophilic office designs is project “Spheres”- Amazon Headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

Amazon describes their project of offices of tomorrow as “Inspiring innovation with biophilia”.

With no usual for us office space company decided to use open space with different regulated climates in each so any employee could find comfortable environment to work at.

Live wall within 4 floors with 25 thousand plants, waterfalls and small pounds- made it a first and one alike in the world.

Following practices of enhancing workspaces biophilic design elements are widely used in interior design of homes as well.

 Biophilic interior design is not about adding a houseplant or creating a living wall, but rather using the natural forms, shapes and colors of nature in a single design that creates pleasant environment affecting health and wellbeing. Biophilic design includes a network of physical objects that complexly work together to create a common link with nature in space.

People's mental and physical wellbeing remains highly dependent on contact with the natural environment and is a necessity rather than a luxury for achieving quality lives of fitness and satisfaction in our modern urban society.

Using biophilic design and it elements in your homes is part of creating a stronger environment that synchronizes with the natural biorhythms.

One of the easiest ways to start introducing a biophilic design into a home is to add natural shapes, textures, and color resembling nature.

As Biophilic design is not just a choice of one of these aspects to include in your home, but a complex interweaving of many elements the satisfying result may be achieved with help of your Interior designer.

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