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Human spends an average of one-third of his life sleeping, meaning he spends quarter of his life in the bedroom, hence it is a very important room for Humans and so it should be well-suited to his taste, life style and the colors should be very comfortable for him, here are some tips to paint the bedroom wisely.

According to the psychology of color, symbolism green color is very appropriate in bedrooms because it helps to relax, which is one of the qualities required for a person to sleep comfortably without any sort of fatigue, it is a color that helps promote calmness , peace and harmony and encourages relaxation.

The Yellow color, for example, is more preferable in places where the family gathers and bedrooms because this color helps to reduce capacity and thus pave the way for the process of relaxation and comfort and increases the feeling of responding to domestic compassion. It is advised to use the bright color in the bedroom decor in the light or dim as the color of mustard or gold or the color of butter with light and thin shades of it around the room. You must use the yellow color wisely and you shouldn’t exaggerate while using its light gradients.

The color blue in its pale shade and cyan is the color of serenity and calm and it fits bedrooms and places for relaxation perfectly because it reduces the feeling of anger and removes pressures of life, and if you want the room to have a touch of high-class look and elegant, use deep shades painted in dark blue or indigo blue. Also middle blue gradients might appeal to you for classic bedrooms because they create an irresistible atmosphere of serenity and tranquility. The lighter gradients of blue are more functional and comfortable to the eye than the darker ones, the lighting of a room painted in blue must be taken into account to distinguish aesthetic side of the design And vitality of the color, as the dimly lit room usually appear pale gray and hides all the splendor.

Pink color has a soothing effect on the body and it loosens the muscles. It is A suitable color for bedrooms that creates a romantic atmosphere.

There are some other options for colors that can be used in bedrooms but they are not primary colors to paint the room with for example, a deep violet color gives a sense of comfort and creates an atmosphere of calm elegance and luxury. The dark purple or bluish purple as in a eggplant is more preferable to provide  luxurious and soft touch to the bedroom. Gradient shadows of lavender color and lilac and the color of Alonca flower help in adding a tinge of calm and a feminine look to the room.

Children's bedrooms are the most suitable places to be colored in bright purple shades, or have designs and forms of the same color to create a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Brown is the color of stability, comfort and it pays a sense of security and cohesion, which makes it one of the most frequently used colors in bedrooms decorations in addition to it being a versatile color. The room can be decorated in brown to create a calm atmosphere, or you can introduce other colors that are identical to it for some excitement and change.

The use of dark red color is exciting and raises blood pressure, it presence will never be useful in for a calm and comfortable atmosphere but if low grade of it is used, such as red or dark maroon or brick, it is suitable and comfortable to the eye.

Each room has to have a touch of black in its surroundings, as the black color it maintains consistency and harmony between the room elements it reduces the sharpness of bright colors and highlights bright colors and their vitality, also black corrects the weakness of neutral colors or fills their emptiness and highlight their neglected value it also works on consensus and harmony of the blended colors and when integrated with the White they create the ideal model of a harmonious and consistent look

And in all cases the appropriate color of a room depends on the psyche of the owner and his favorite color, because he will not feel comfortable even if the color is very comfortable and appropriate as the bedroom paint.